LION Publishers Q&A

A Q&A with David Walsh – LION17

What drew you to work specifically with media sites such as LION Publishers and what inspires you about your work? We were originally a traditional development and marketing company that worked with businesses in different sectors but I often found myself bored with how static traditional websites are. I love how media sites are high…

Build a Custom CMS

Choosing the Best CMS: Open-Source vs. Closed Source

Open-source vs. closed. For independent publishers looking to build or revamp their websites, there might be no greater question. Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is one of the first decisions a publisher makes, and within the broad category of CMS platforms are both open-source and closed solutions. A content management system is the…

mobile first design for publishers

Mobile Optimization Strategies for Local Publishers

More people access the Internet from mobile devices than desktop, and that’s not just counting millennials or members of Generation Z. More than four-in-ten seniors now use smartphones, as well, and yet the user experience on websites accessed from mobile devices is still lacking in many cases. Mobile optimization hasn’t been fully integrated into the…



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