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The Small Publisher’s Guide to Editorial Analytics

Numbers don’t lie. For local publishers looking for new ways to boost traffic and click-through rates, editorial analytics can serve as a roadmap to success. Rather than polling readers or simply guessing which articles will be most popular, more publishers are now relying on audience metrics and editorial analytics to inform their newsroom decisions. Editorial…

e-commerce strategies for local news sites

E-Commerce Strategies for Local News Sites

As publishers look to squeeze every bit of revenue from their online properties, there’s been a renewed interest in e-commerce strategies for local news sites. The vast majority of publishers already have digital advertising and subscription sales programs solidly in place, but e-commerce still represents an untapped revenue stream with seemingly limitless potential for publishers…

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How Local Publishers Use Analytics to Make Editorial Decisions

In digital newsrooms across the country, editorial judgment is being replaced by web analytics. Which news events should a hyperlocal publication cover, how much coverage should a particular story get, and what sort of resources should be thrown at it? Those are all measurable questions that can be answered by looking at a publication’s web…

Hyperlocal Publishers

5 Trends Impacting Hyperlocal Publishers

Daily newspapers are shrinking, but hyperlocal publishers are finding success in the aftermath. Fewer than 1,300 daily newspapers currently operate in the U.S., down from around 1,800 in 1970, and more than half of newspaper jobs have disappeared over the last 15 years. In place of corporate-owned daily newspapers are a growing number of digital-first…



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Privacy Compliance Guidelines

What the GDPR Privacy Law Means for Local US Publishers

When The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect later this month, it could have major implications for local publishers in the US. Europe’s new privacy law is intended to cover companies located anywhere in the world that offer “goods or services” to European users or monitor the behavior of European data…

Non-Profit vs For Profit

Non-Profit vs. For-Profit: Which Business Model Is Best for Local News?

For hyperlocal news publishers, designing a path toward financial sustainability begins with choosing between non-profit and for-profit status. The differences between non-profit and for-profit news organizations go beyond tax filings. For journalists, editors, and publishers, launching a non-profit site is often about working toward a goal, or a vision, of what local news should ideally…


When Should Local Publishers Use Paywalls?

Do they work, or not? It seems like everyone in the local news business has an opinion on using paywalls as a strategy to generate revenue. If you read news online, you’ve no doubt run into a paywall yourself. Paywalls are a useful tool for encouraging people to subscribe by restricting access to content. Visitors…