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Local Lessons From The Daily Beast’s New Membership Program

Membership programs are all the rage among digital publishers right now, with The Daily Beast becoming the latest outlet to enter the fray. Daily Beast readers who want early access and exclusive content can pay $100 to join Beast Inside, a membership program that positions readers as team members and decreases the publication’s reliance on…

Make Publishing Pay

4 Pro Web Design Techniques for Publishers

Great storytelling never gets old, but local publishers need more than just stellar content to stand out in today’s online landscape. The best web design techniques for publishers don’t just optimize content, they also help publishers earn their audience’s trust at the same time. At Web Publisher PRO, we look at a publication’s specific niche…

Repost content from social media

When Should Local Publishers Repost Content from Social Media?

Social media users can be a hyperlocal publisher’s greatest source of news tips and insights. But publishers don’t automatically have permission to repost content from social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on their own websites. Need proof? Look no further than AFP v. Morel. Freelance photographer Daniel Morel sued Getty Images and Agence…

web design for publishers

5 Web Design Mistakes Publishers Are Making

In the publishing world, looks matter. The way a website is put together indicates the authority and trustworthiness of the news publication. But proper web design goes beyond just aesthetics. Some of the biggest web design mistakes we see local publishers making involve sending readers toward dead ends and just generally not funneling visitors toward…



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small donations

Local Publishers Find Financial Sustainability Through Small Donations

Small donations are adding up to big revenue for hyperlocal publishers. The trend toward asking for donations from readers may have started with non-profit news sites, but it has quickly expanded outward. Today, both for-profit and non-profit digital publishers are asking readers to donate to keep local journalism alive. With digital advertising rates falling, more…

web design trends

The Latest Web Design Trends for Local Publishers

The homepage is the front door to an online publication, but good web design shouldn’t end once readers come inside. The latest web design trends enhance the value of local publications and make visitors want to stay around for longer. In fact, some experts even believe good web design is a competitive advantage for local…

Make Local Publications More Profitable

Ancillary Revenue Opportunities for Local Publishers

As hyperlocal publishers search for new ways to generate income outside of online display advertising, ancillary revenue streams are moving into the forefront. With online adverting rates continuing to decline, savvy digital publishers are looking to pursue every income generation strategy available. New opportunities to create ancillary revenue streams are allowing publishers to capitalize on…


You Launched a Publication. Now, You Need Readers.

Launching a website is the easy part. In order to build a business, would-be digital publishers need loyal readers who are passionate about the topics they cover. Here at Web Publisher PRO, we work with first-time publishers all the time, designing custom business strategies and identifying new areas for growth. Whether a publisher’s revenue model…

Local Websites Sell Stock to Readers

Data Journalism for Local Publishers: Where to Begin

Data journalism and hyperlocal publishing go hand-in-hand. Although data journalism has been defined as the process of “gathering, cleaning, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and publishing data to support the creation of acts of journalism,” it really means different things to different people. At its core, data journalism involves using data as a source for news stories….