Apple News Publishers

Could Apple News Be the Answer to Publishing Woes? Think Again.

Remember when Apple News first launched, and publishers were giddy with optimism? Apple News was supposed to be the answer to capturing engaged audiences and driving ad revenue for local news publishers. In a February 2018 survey, almost 30% of respondents said publishers should prioritize Apple News in the new year. But today, just one…

Embedded Videos

Mobile Streaming Video – Insights for Publishers

Digital publishers are embracing mobile streaming video, as they work to develop the types of experiences that drive engagement and conversions. Audiences are increasingly coming to expect mobile streaming video from news publishers. Mobile streaming video is growing around the world as more viewers demand newer ways to watch content from their smartphones and tablet…

Premium Features

Offer More Premium Features in 2019

What sort of premium features would entice you to pay for an online publication? It’s a question digital publishers are grappling with, and one that they must find an answer to in 2019 if they wish to survive—and thrive—in the competitive media landscape. The business model for digital journalism is changing, with more and more…



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Email Newsletter Engagement

5 Ways to Improve Email Newsletter Engagement

What makes a successful email newsletter? That’s the million-dollar question that digital publishers are working hard to figure out. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the underlying principles behind improving email newsletter engagement. First things first, let’s talk about why email newsletter engagement is so important. Email marketing has become a central component of…

Metrics to Achieve Long-Term Revenue Growth

This Retail Metric Is Helping Publishers Achieve Long-Term Revenue Growth

Online retailers have been using the customer lifetime value metric to gauge the success of their retention strategies for years. Now, savvy digital publishers are getting on board with the same technique as they search for new ways to achieve long-term revenue growth. The customer lifetime value (LTV) metric is a new one for many…

audience engagement metrics

What Matters More, Audience Engagement or Page Views?

At this point, most digital publishers understand the importance of web analytics. While page views will always have a role here, audience engagement is taking the lead for publishers interested in measuring the success of their editorial content. A decade ago, it was expected that publishers would look at page views and unique visitors as…

Subscription Sign-Up Pages

How to Design the Best Subscription Sign-Up Pages

The New York Times reached a major milestone earlier this month, when the company announced it had hit 4.3 million paid subscribers. Generating that sort of enthusiasm for a digital news product doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of a highly crafted revenue generation strategy with subscription sign-up pages that drive reader conversions. Subscription…

Understanding your audience

Publishing 101: The Complete Guide to Understanding Your Audience

As a digital publisher, you can’t expect to grow your audience until you understand who you’re trying to reach. The way readers interact and engage with the content on a digital news website depends on who they are and what they’re interested in. Understanding your audience is one of the key pillars to success for…