DoubleClick Alternatives

6 Best DoubleClick Alternatives for Local Publishers

Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers—also known as the DFP ad server and Google Ad Manager—is one of the most well-known platforms for ad serving, having been around under various names for more than 20 years. But for local publishers who are frustrated with the restrictions and challenges of dealing with Google’s Ad Manager, there are a…

Starting a Job Board

Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Job Board

Thinking of starting a job board? Even if you’re not planning to compete with CareerBuilder or LinkedIn, there is still ample room in the market. Niche job boards are seeing tremendous growth, whether they focus on opportunities in specific cities, industries, or types of employment. Starting a job board has never been easier, thanks to…

Make Money From a News Website

How to Make Money From a News Website — 5 Steps

When most entrepreneurs launch a news website, they focus on the hard work, dedication, and technical savvy that’s necessary to get a new project up and running. But what happens next is what really determines whether a news website flourishes or fails. In order to make money from a news website, publishers need to know…

Launch a Paywall

Metered, Hard, or Dynamic? Choosing the Best Paywall Strategy

The rise of the paywall has been well documented. While most digital publishers understand the value in restricting content to promote their subscription programs, there is still debate within the publishing community about which paywall strategy works best. With advertising rates on the decline, digital publishers have largely turned to subscription programs to generate revenue…



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editorial mission statement

How to Create an Editorial Mission Statement

Here is what digital publishers should know about how—and why—to create an editorial mission statement. The Washington Post has one. So does the Los Angeles Times, and virtually every other major newspaper in the country. But you don’t have to run a national media organization to create an editorial mission statement. Publishers of all sizes,…

Connect with younger readers

How Digital Publishers Can Connect with Younger Readers

Top Strategies to Connect with Younger Readers Eighteen to 34. That’s the most coveted age demographic among brand advertisers. Because advertisers care so much about reaching consumers between the ages of 18 and 34, that’s also the demographic news publishers should be engaging with to keep their advertiser clients satisfied. Consumers in the 18-to-34 demographic…

Digital Publishing Trends 2019

5 Trends to Watch in Digital Publishing

Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. That’s what’s going on in the digital publishing industry right now. As publishers look for new monetization strategies, they are transforming the way readers digest content on both desktop and mobile devices. With a sharper focus on their digital products, publishers big and small are developing smarter production strategies based on what…

native advertising

The Pros and Cons of Native Advertising

The native advertising industry is booming, and digital publishers are taking notice. According to the advertising firm AdYouLike, the native ad industry is poised to grow to $400 billion by 2025 — a 372% increase from the expected market size in 2020. With advertisements that blend seamlessly into publishers’ existing editorial flows, native advertising goes…

Fundraising Strategies for Digital Newsrooms

Top Fundraising Strategies for Digital Newsrooms

With more and more publishers switching to nonprofit status, we decided to take a close look at which fundraising strategies for digital newsrooms are most effective. Around the country, hundreds of thousands of people are donating to their favorite news organizations. Creative publishers are pulling out all the stops to get their readers involved. Although…

Build Trust With Readers

4 Strategies to Build Trust With Readers

What makes people trust a news publication? How can publishers build trust with readers? These are questions that many digital publishers have asked. Now, we’ve got the answers. Despite all the talk of “fake news,” the truth is that trust in the media is still relatively strong. According to a survey by the Reuters Institute,…