Intelligent Paywalls

What Are Intelligent Paywalls?

The latest trend in digital publishing involves using artificial intelligence technology to create intelligent paywalls that adapt based on reader behaviors and interests. Are you ready to give this strategy a try? It’s hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since publishers first started implementing paywalls on their websites. Originally, paywalls were created…

WordPress comments plugins

Top WordPress Comments Plugins for News Publishers

Reader comments can sometimes be the best part of local news articles, particularly when it comes to hot button issues. With these WordPress comments plugins, you can add value to your news website and show readers that you value their opinions. While the use of comments sections on national media websites is declining, the comments…

Subscription Pricing Strategies

Subscription Pricing Strategies for Digital Publishers

These subscription pricing strategies will help you pinpoint the perfect amount to charge readers for access to your publication’s premium content. Online news subscriptions are all the rage — not just among publishers, but among readers, too. According to a survey by the Reuters Institute, 44% of publishing executives rank digital subscriptions as their most…

Facebook's Policy Changes

How Facebook’s Policy Changes Will Impact Local Publishers

The spread of fake news hurts everyone, but local news publishers have been particularly troubled by the growing presence of hoax websites. Facebook’s policy changes to combat misinformation on the social network are designed to change the way consumers evaluate what they read online and hopefully give local publishers the leg up they’ve been looking…



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Social Media Plugins for Publishers

Top 7 Social Media Plugins for News Publishers

Most Americans get their news through social media. So how do you make sure your news stories are being seen front and center? The easiest way is by adding social media plugins to your WordPress website. If you’re a publisher with a WordPress website, then social media plugins can help you encourage readers to share…

Content Analytics for Publishers

The Publisher’s Guide to Content Analytics

How to use content analytics to grow your audience, boost revenue, and make your website more valuable to readers. Terms like news value and editorial judgment get tossed around newsrooms each day, but increasingly, the real decisions at media publications are being made based on content analytics. Content analytics platforms, like Google Analytics, Chartbeat,,…

Outrank a More Popular Website

Top SEO Plugins for News Publishers

Start using the best SEO plugins for news publishers to increase your website traffic. As more publishers switch their websites over to WordPress, there is greater interest in learning how plugins can extend the functionality of news websites. Plugins, which are pieces of software with groups of functions that can be added to WordPress websites,…

Monetize Restaurant Reviews

How to Monetize Restaurant Reviews

Check out these top strategies to monetize restaurant reviews. Texans love good food, so it was only natural for the most well-known city magazine in Dallas, D Magazine, to dig into the local restaurant scene with reviews, guides, and stories about top chefs and notable openings. Like other top publishers, D Magazine has been able…

WordPress vs Drupal

WordPress vs Drupal: Which Is Better for News Publishers?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the planet, loved by digital publishers of all sizes for nearly two decades. However, WordPress does have its competitors, and if you’re a publisher, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to explore other content management systems. One of the closest competitors to…