What is a membership editor?

What Is a Membership Editor?

The Atlantic has one. So does Quartz, The Guardian, and dozens of new media organizations. Over the last year, the number of membership editor positions at digital media publications has exploded. But if you’re like many publishers, you’re probably still wondering what is a membership editor, and what role does the membership editor fill at…



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social sharing plugins

Social Sharing Plugins for News Publishers

Think your website is optimized for social traffic? Not until you’ve added these social sharing plugins for news publishers. In the digital age, word-of-mouth has evolved into social sharing. In the same way that friends once recommended news articles to their friends, they’re now sharing content on social media. The biggest difference? Rather than telling…

Comments Section

5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Comments Section

Print newspapers have letters to the editor, and digital publications have comments sections. Having a comments section is a sure-fire way to boost reader engagement and create stronger bonds between readers and reporters. Unfortunately, the number of publications with on-site comments sections has been decreasing as of late, and that’s pushing more conversations onto outside…