Traffic Arbitrage for Publishers

What Is Traffic Arbitrage?

What is traffic arbitrage, and how do publishers use the strategy to increase revenue? We have the answers. The definition of arbitrage is the “simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets … in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.” In the publishing industry, arbitrage has…

Chrome Incognito Mode

What Do Changes to Chrome’s Incognito Mode Mean for Publishers?

Google’s release of the latest version of its popular Chrome internet browser is causing headaches for digital publishers. Tucked alongside updates to how it handles Flash is a change in the setup of Incognito Mode. While slight, the upcoming change means that publishers will no longer be able to detect when visitors are browsing in…


How to Use Spreadsheets in Digital Reporting

Spreadsheets are helping reporters explain themselves to readers and tell better stories. Would you like your reporters to produce the types of stories that generate shares and clicks? That’s exactly what digital reporters are producing right now using the latest techniques in data management and spreadsheets. Throughout the media world, there is a growing recognition…

Privacy Compliance Guidelines

Top WordPress Plugins for GDPR Compliance

If you’re a digital publisher, you’ll want to check out this list of the top WordPress plugins for GDPR compliance. More than a year has gone by since the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, and publishers are still wondering what the ultimate impact will be. Although hefty fines were supposed to be a…



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Licensing deals for publishers

The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Licensing Deals

Meredith, Condé Nast, Buzzfeed, and Hearst are just a few examples of publishers who’ve managed to turn licensing deals into lucrative new streams of revenue. Is your publication ready to take the plunge into brand licensing? Publishers who are looking for revenue sources outside of the obvious channels—like paid subscriptions and display advertising—are finding that…

Bounce Rate For Better SEO Performance

The Most Important Web Analytics for Magazine Publishers

Take advantage of web analytics to drive profitability at your online magazine. Is it realistic to tell magazine publishers that every decision they make should be guided by web analytics? Probably not. But the truth is, the more publishers can get behind web analytics, the stronger their publications will become. When most people think of…

Performance-Based Advertising

What Is the Performance-Based Advertising Model?

Get results, get paid. That’s the basic idea behind performance-based advertising, where brands only pay when the ads they’ve placed lead to specific results. The performance-based advertising model is one that’s used by digital publishers all the time. It’s a model that’s increasingly being favored by brand advertisers, as well, since it gives executives at…

Evergreen content strategy

How to Create an Evergreen Content Strategy

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and fresh, long after it was first published. While content mills have been churning out articles designed to maximize SEO for years, news publishers are late to the game, and many publishers are just now beginning to understand the importance of having an evergreen content strategy. Just as…

Tips for SEO in 2022

How to Use the Yoast Plugin: A Guide for Publishers

Digital publishers have unique challenges when it comes to search engine optimization. The one-and-done approach to SEO doesn’t work when publishers are posting multiple articles or blog posts each day. In these cases, the Yoast plugin is a useful tool for webpage optimization. While the Yoast plugin is often described as effortless, that description isn’t…

YouTube Search Insights

Why Are Publishers Banking on YouTube?

Monetizing video content is hardly a new strategy for digital publishers, but with ad rates continuing to decline, more media companies are going all-in on YouTube. According to newly-released research from Digiday, digital publishers see more opportunities for monetization on YouTube than any other channel, including Facebook and Google AMP. YouTube also ranked above Instagram,…