Best Back-End WordPress Plugins for News Publishers

We’ve rounded up the best back-end WordPress plugins for news publishers. When most people think of setting up and maintaining a news website, they focus on the front-end. How does the website look? How is the navigation setup? How are the ads displaying? But the truth is, what’s happening on the back-end carries a lot…


Which Website Metrics Should Magazine Publishers Track?

Interested in growing your advertising revenue? Start by tracking these key website metrics. Magazine publishers who want to get as much value from their publications as possible should be tracking certain website metrics. In this article, we will explore the website metrics that magazine publishers who are generating revenue through display advertising should be paying…


Top WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Newsletter Subscriber List

Want to increase the size of your newsletter subscriber list? Keep reading to find out how. While the digital media landscape is always evolving, email has consistently remained one of the most effective ways for publishers to engage with their readers. We know that email open rates for the media and publishing industry are at…


Use Content Analytics to Find Story Ideas

Content analytics and digital publishing go hand-in-hand. While old school journalists pounded the pavement looking for new story ideas, digital journalists are turning to content analytics platforms to stay on top of trends and topics that are important to their readers. Companies like, which provides audience data and analytics for digital media, are changing…



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How to Generate Revenue Through Real Estate Advertising

Real estate sections have historically been one of the biggest profit drivers for local news publishers. Although websites like Zillow and Trulia have gained a strong foothold in the real estate market, digital publishers can still generate revenue through real estate advertising when they utilize the right techniques. To start generating revenue through real estate…


Does Your Publication Need a YouTube Strategy?

When Seventeen magazine stopped publishing its monthly print edition last year, media insiders questioned whether the publication would be able to withstand the change. But Seventeen’s editors didn’t just continue using the same strategies while the media landscape shifted under their feet. Thanks to ramped up digital efforts and an innovative YouTube strategy, Seventeen magazine…


Push Notifications in Digital Publishing – Best Practices

As digital publishers search for new ways to bring loyal readers back to their websites more frequently, push notifications are emerging as a growing trend. For digital publishers with their own mobile apps, push notifications can be a valuable marketing tool. Research shows that among news publishers with mobile apps, the use of push notifications…

Mobile Revenue Strategies

The Latest Mobile Revenue Strategies for Publishers

Smartphone usage continues to grow among consumers of local news. According to the latest Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 66% of Americans now use mobile devices to access the news, and people are spending more time on mobile than watching television. In response to this changing tide, local…


More Local Newsrooms Are Launching Collaborative Journalism Projects – Here’s Why

Local publishers are using collaborative journalism projects to build their profiles without draining their resources. If you’re a publisher with a restricted budget, then hiring a team of professional journalists to conduct months of research into a single topic may not be in the cards. Through collaborative journalism projects, independent news websites can band together…


As Publishers Add Paywalls, Subscriber Growth Remains Stagnant. What Gives?

More digital publishers are putting paywalls around the content on their websites, but a new report from Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism finds that the number of consumers who say they pay for online news has hardly budged over the past year. What’s behind the discrepancy? Common sense would dictate that as…