Publishing Legal Notices Online

How to Generate Revenue By Publishing Legal Notices

For years, local newspaper publishers have generated revenue by publishing legal notices. As the number of print publications rapidly declines, digital-first publishers are starting to step in and fill that void as a place for individuals and municipalities to publish required legal notices. Publishers can generate substantial revenue from printing legal notices. A few of…

hyperlocal calendars

Generating Revenue By Selling Access to Hyperlocal Calendars

The hyperlocal news platform Patch has been put through the wringer. In the 12 years since its launch, Patch has been bought and sold multiple times. Each purchase led to new editorial strategies and plans for helping the network become sustainable and profitable. Now, more than five years after Patch was spun off by AOL…

Audience of News Readers

Understanding Your Audience: 4 Types of News Readers

Understand the four main types of news readers and learn how you can engage each group to encourage online interactions and conversions. In order to connect with your online audience, you need to know who they are and what motivates them. What brings them to your website? Which types of content are they most likely…

polls in email newsletters

Want to Improve Reader Retention? Try Adding Polls To Your Email Newsletters

Looking for new ways to encourage readers to interact with your editorial content? Try incorporating informal polls into your email newsletters. Email newsletters have long been thought of as a method for driving clicks to digital publications. While they have been around for a long time, email newsletters have exploded in popularity over the past…



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Find More Digital Subscribers

8 Ways to Get More Digital Subscribers

Subscription packages are steadily displacing display advertising as the most important revenue stream among digital publishers. But building a sustainable business from the revenue generated by monthly subscriptions or memberships isn’t easy. It relies on finding a constant stream of new readers and giving those readers a reason to pay for access to your online…

Fact-Checking Tools for News Publishers

The Best Fact-Checking Tools for News Publishers

We’ve rounded up the best fact-checking tools for news publishers Americans see fake news as a bigger problem than violent crime or climate change, according to surveys by Pew Research Center. For digital news publishers, even small errors can lead to distrust among readers and a reputation as an unreliable media outlet. Lacking the budgets…

Amazon's Onsite Associates program

What Does Amazon’s Onsite Associates Program Mean for Publishers?

How to generate revenue through Amazon’s invite-only Onsite Associates program As a digital publisher, you probably remember Amazon Spark. The Instagram-meets-Pinterest product board was quietly released by Amazon in 2017 as a social shopping experiment. Amazon Spark eventually shut down two years later, but a new product has grown from that experiment, and it could…

Tip Page for Anonymous Sources

Does Your Publication Need a Tip Page?

When readers have juicy scoops, how do they reach out to your publication? If your tipsters are nervous to share private information via telephone or email, then a secure tip page may be the solution. Most tipsters, or informants, aren’t sending envelopes without return addresses anymore, and they’re not hanging out in dark parking garages,…


How to Use Related Content to Improve Dwell Time

Publishers are rethinking the way they keep visitors on their websites and relying more heavily on related content tools to encourage engagement. As publishers, we spend a lot of time developing content that our audiences will want to consume. We try to maximize reach and frequently measure the success of our initiatives through metrics like…