Boost Subscriptions

To Boost Subscriptions, Incentivize Reporters

The best subscription salesperson might be sitting at a desk in your office. As digital publishers look for new ways to boost subscriptions, some are turning to their own reporters for help. Reporters, editors, designers, freelancers, and other publication staffers can all be incentivized to sell subscriptions. This strategy is still new, so it hasn’t…

Digital Publishers Approach Influencer Marketing

How Should Digital Publishers Approach Influencer Marketing?

The New York Times, Condé Nast, Refinery29, and Time have all gotten involved in influencer marketing. Smaller, independent publishers are getting in on the action, too. But the way that digital publishers approach influencer marketing depends on the time and resources they’re willing to commit. Influencer marketing, as a strategy, is on the upswing. Particularly…

AP DataKit for Local Publishers

What Is AP DataKit?

If you’re a local news publisher, you’ve most likely heard about the new AP DataKit. The free, open source command-line tool was released earlier this month. Despite AP DataKit being made specifically for newsrooms and journalists, many publishers of local news sites and online magazines are still unsure about how take full advantage of this…



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Subscription Marketing System

What Is the Best Subscription Marketing System for Publishers?

Learn how to implement the best subscription marketing system at your publication. To the general public, local news websites are a source for information and building connections in the community. Savvy digital publishers know they’re so much more. Publishers who generate revenue through online subscriptions are using their websites as a portal to their online…

sell newsletter sponsorships

What Is a Short-Run Newsletter?

You might have heard of the short-run newsletter, but do you know how to create one for your publication? We have the answers. The value of email newsletters for digital publishers has been well documented. Readers who subscribe to a publisher’s newsletter are twice as likely to become paid subscribers as those who do not,…

Publishers Sports Betting Business

Why Are Publishers Entering the Sports Betting Business?

Barstool Sports is doing it. So are theScore, Fox Sports, and Vox Media. In the past few months, digital publishers have started entering the sports betting business at a rapid clip. Some companies, like The Chernin Group, have even formed new media businesses dedicated to covering the sports betting market. The trend has left many…

cannabis news sites

Payment Gateways for Cannabis News Sites

Cannabis news sites are tracking the evolution of the marijuana market and providing a valuable service to both consumers and industry insiders, but many marijuana publishers are still having difficulty monetizing their efforts. Despite recreational marijuana now being legal in some form in 33 states and Washington D.C., many cannabis magazines and news publications that…