Comments Section

How to Build Engagement with a Comments Section

Engagement matters, whether your publishing model centers around display advertising, subscription revenue, or some combination of the two. One of the most sure-fire ways to build engagement is by adding a comments section to your website. News publishers, online magazine publishers, and niche blog publishers can all benefit from having an active comments section. That’s…

cart abandonment campaigns

Do Publishers Need Cart Abandonment Campaigns?

How cart abandonment campaigns are helping news publishers improve conversion rates. “Can we help with your order?” It’s a simple subject line, attached to a simple automated email, but it has been shown to lead to a major increase in subscription rates for news publishers. Cart abandonment campaigns have become commonplace among e-commerce retailers, but…


Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies for News Publishers

Cross-channel marketing pays for itself, as long as you’re using the right strategies and techniques. Cross-channel marketing isn’t just for the retail and ecommerce industries. News publishers can use the same strategies to drive up their subscription rates and more effectively engage their core audiences. According to a new study of media marketing efforts by…


How Nonprofit Newsrooms Solicit Major Donations

With traffic to digital-native news sites showing little growth for the second consecutive year, nonprofit newsrooms are looking at how they can do a better job soliciting major donations from both individuals and charitable foundations. A number of nonprofit newsrooms have started membership programs in the past few years, with mixed results. The financial resources…



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How Will Anti-Tracking Changes Impact Affiliate Marketing?

Buzzfeed, New York magazine, and The New York Times are three of the most well-known publishers to generate revenue through affiliate marketing, but they are hardly alone. More online publishers have been jumping on the bandwagon since digital advertising revenue started its decline, generating substantial profits by embedding affiliate links into their content. Now, the…

Promote an Online Magazine

How to Maximize Profits From ‘Best Of’ Lists

‘Best Of’ lists are big sellers for magazine publishers. Lists of the top restaurants, doctors, lawyers, and other businesses generate more page views than nearly any other type of digital content. What if we told you that ‘Best Of’ lists could do even more than generate engagement and page views? What if we told you…


Extending Value with the Publishing Membership Model

The publishing membership model is having a moment. Unlike other monetization strategies, which often fit a broad spectrum of media publications, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to online memberships. Data and analytics are a publisher’s best resource for designing a membership program. The best publishing membership model is…

email marketing

5 Email Marketing Principles for Digital Publishers

These email marketing principles are designed to help digital publishers improve the performance of email newsletters. Most of the email marketing strategies you’ll read about online were designed to help retail businesses. Some of this advice remains true for digital publishers, but much of it is irrelevant to organizations that aren’t trying to sell traditional…

Micropayments Work for Online Publishers

How Micropayments Work for Online Publishers

Mozilla’s recent announcement that it’s launching a $100 million grant program to boost innovations in web monetization has created a renewed interest in using micropayments to fund online journalism. Although micropayments have been used on a small scale for years, it’s not uncommon for people to still have questions about how micropayments work for online…