Comments Section

How to Build Engagement with a Comments Section

Engagement matters, whether your publishing model centers around display advertising, subscription revenue, or some combination of the two. One of the most sure-fire ways to build engagement is by adding a comments section to your website. News publishers, online magazine publishers, and niche blog publishers can all benefit from having an active comments section. That’s…

cart abandonment campaigns

Do Publishers Need Cart Abandonment Campaigns?

How cart abandonment campaigns are helping news publishers improve conversion rates. “Can we help with your order?” It’s a simple subject line, attached to a simple automated email, but it has been shown to lead to a major increase in subscription rates for news publishers. Cart abandonment campaigns have become commonplace among e-commerce retailers, but…



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email marketing

5 Email Marketing Principles for Digital Publishers

These email marketing principles are designed to help digital publishers improve the performance of email newsletters. Most of the email marketing strategies you’ll read about online were designed to help retail businesses. Some of this advice remains true for digital publishers, but much of it is irrelevant to organizations that aren’t trying to sell traditional…