Pinterest for Digital Publishers

Should Your Publication Be on Pinterest?

Over the past few years, digital publishers have increasingly come to rely on social media as a traffic source. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all popular, and publishers have found clever ways to grow traffic using these channels. But what about Pinterest? Should your publication be on Pinterest, too? Social media use among digital publishers…

editorial workflow

How to Develop an Editorial Workflow

Your staff is on point. Your technology is on point. So what’s stopping your digital magazine from entering the big leagues? Without the right editorial workflow in place, it’s almost impossible to find success in the highly-competitive online publishing industry. An editorial workflow is a standardized plan for how a publication will create, review, edit,…

Launching a subscription program

5 Things To Do Before Launching a Subscription Program

Subscriptions represent a path toward financial sustainability for many publishing businesses. But launching a subscription program involves more than just putting up a paywall. Launching a subscription program that generates real revenue requires a strategic business plan. You’ll need to take concrete steps to start your subscription program off on the right foot, and that…



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freemium model

Is the Freemium Model Right For Your Publication?

How to decide whether the freemium model is a good fit for your publication and implement this strategy to increase revenue and profits in the New Year Paywalls, subscriptions, micropayments, memberships. When it comes to monetization strategies, publishers are feeling like they’ve tried it all. Ever since the financial viability of advertising-based revenue came into…

Web Magazine Design

10 Tips for Web Magazine Design

Content is king, but in the world of online publishing, website design is pretty important, too. Sure, you might be publishing hard-hitting articles. You might even be winning awards for the journalism on your website, but until you implement a professional web magazine design, it’s going to be hard for people to take your publication…

WordPress Plugins for Online Magazines

Essential WordPress Plugins for Online Magazines

Are you a digital publisher? If so, you won’t want to miss these essential WordPress plugins for online magazines. WordPress offers more features and flexibility than any other content management system, but if you’re using the core software without any plugins, then you’re still missing out on valuable functionality. With the right plugins, magazine publishers…