Free Archives

How to Use Free Archives to Attract More Subscribers

Content libraries. Special collections. Past issue archives. They go by many names. Magazine publishers are finding that when they open up their online archives and make them available for free, they actually increase their subscription rates. How’s that possible? Before we get into how online magazine publishers are boosting subscription rates by launching free archives,…

SEO for Local News Publishers

SEO for Local News Publishers – A Beginner’s Guide

For local news publishers, there are numerous ways to grow an audience. The majority of readers still use Google to research local news stories, and the websites they discover will often get bookmarked for easy referencing in the future. This begs the question: “What is the best way for local news publishers to make sure…

Monetizing a Directory

5 Things to Remember When Monetizing a Directory

Online directories that showcase the top restaurants, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and schools in a particular region have become popular among digital publishers. Not only can online directory listings help with SEO, but they can also provide publishers with a new source of recurring revenue. If you’re interested in monetizing a directory, it’s important to understand…

How to Launch a Newsletter

What Resources Do You Need to Launch a Newsletter?

In this article, we’ll consider which tools and resources publishers need to launch a newsletter and make it a success. Email newsletters have gone mainstream, and publishers of all sizes are looking at how to get in on this successful monetization strategy. As standalone editorial products, newsletters have been shown to drive engagement and increase…



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Choosing the Right CMS

Choosing the Right CMS: The Five Questions You Need to Ask

Choosing the right CMS can seem like a daunting task. If you’re a digital publisher, you’re probably more interested in the topics you cover than the technology that’s powering your website. But choosing the right CMS can make or break a publication. Content management systems control the way we create, manage, and modify the content…

Development and Design Plugins

Top Development and Design Plugins to Make Your WordPress Site Stand Out

If you’re looking to modify or customize your WordPress website, it’s important to choose the right plugins. With more than 50,000 plugins to choose from, the WordPress plugin directory can be overwhelming. That’s why we have put together this list of the top development and design plugins to make your website stand out. The development…

Native Ad Platforms for News Publishers

The Best Native Ad Platforms for News Publishers

If you’re interested in generating revenue outside of traditional display advertising, then these are the native ad platforms for news publishers that you’ll want to try. What happens when you’ve reached a maximum fill rate for display advertising on your website? Just because your standard ad sizes, like the banner, leaderboard, and skyscraper, are full…