Social Media Scheduling Platform

What Is the Best Social Media Scheduling Platform for Publishers?

A social media scheduling platform helps publishers leverage Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for maximum results. Selecting the best social media scheduling platform depends mainly on which features you need. There are dozens of options available for digital news publications and online magazines, and they all have unique features and capabilities. The basic features almost all…


How Publishers Are Responding to Covid-19

Local news publishers are facing challenges they’ve never seen before, as they deal with the Covid-19 pandemic from both a business perspective and a journalistic one. Throughout the crisis, publications across the country have seen record traffic. They have also seen a pullback in local business advertising, causing concern among many in the industry. According…

Content Distribution Strategies

Top Content Distribution Strategies for Local Publishers

The top content distribution strategies for local publishers are email marketing and social media. Keep reading to find out how to implement these strategies, and others, at your publication. With traditional print newspapers closing in record numbers, local publishers are stepping in to fill the void in communities around the country. Despite publishing original local…

Ad Platform

What Is an Ad Platform?

An ad platform is a technology for monetizing online traffic. In most cases, ad platforms serve as the broker or intermediary between the digital publisher and the advertiser. Platform providers offer the tools that businesses use to purchase advertising that is delivered on websites and mobile apps. The term “ad platform” is a generic one…



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Live Streaming Apps

The Best Live Streaming Apps for News Publishers

If you’re anything like most digital news publishers, you’re always on the hunt for tools to make your workday better. These are the best live streaming apps for news publishers. Local news sites don’t always have the largest budgets or the largest staffs. What they do have is feet on the ground in the communities…

Digital Media Companies

How Do Digital Media Companies Make Money?

Digital media companies make money through a combination of business models, including digital advertising, subscriptions, affiliate linking, and ecommerce sales. A growing number of publishers are also generating revenue by hosting live events, either virtually or in-person. The biggest difference in how traditional media companies and digital media companies make money is that digital media…

email newsletters local publishers

How to Make Your Email Newsletters the Talk of the Town

Is your inbox full yet? Local news publishers in virtually every market are launching newsletters as a way to promote their content and bring in readers. As new tools are being developed to build email newsletters that readers will want to engage with, this is a strategy that publishers can’t afford to ignore. Digital marketing…

Events Calendars

What Do Events Calendars Have to Do With Reader Retention?

As shelter-in-place restrictions begin to loosen around the country, people are eager to get back outside. Community news publications have long been the place where people find out about the latest events in their towns. Now more than ever, digital publishers are looking to fill that important role. By adding local events calendars to their…

Potomac Local

Publisher Insights: Q&A with Potomac Local’s Uriah Kiser

What does it take to be successful in local publishing? If you’re looking for the answer, a good place to start would be by talking to Uriah Kiser at Potomac Local News. Over the past 10 years, Kiser has developed one of the most prominent hyperlocal news outlets in the industry. In honor of Potomac…

CRM systems for online publishers

The Best CRM Systems for Online Publishers

Global brands use customer relationship management (CRM) systems. So do small and midsize businesses. Do online publishers need CRM systems, too? Absolutely. As the number of CRM systems on the market continues to grow, technology companies are developing more industry-specific solutions. It isn’t uncommon to see CRM systems designed specifically for restaurants or retailers. Now…