Social Media Calendars

5 Social Media Calendars for Digital Publishers

We’ve put together a roundup of the 5 best social media calendars for digital publishers, with all the tools and templates you’ll need to develop a winning social media strategy. At this point, most digital publishers understand how important it is to have a presence on social media. Fifteen-percent of adults in the United States…

Google Search Console

12 Tips for Increasing Your Visibility in Google Search

Poor visibility in Google search means you’re missing out on visitors and potential website revenue. Try these tips to start increasing your publication’s visibility right away. Improving your website’s rankings on Google search is both an art and a science. While we all want immediate results, the truth is that increasing your visibility in Google…

The Batavian

Publisher Insights: Q&A with The Batavian’s Howard Owens

How are local news publishers handling the Covid-19 pandemic? We’ve all seen dire headlines and heard predictions that the pandemic could kill local news. Although traffic to local news sites was up 89% in March compared to February, industry groups were still predicting a 23% decline in 2020 ad sales as of late spring. Now,…

Direct Traffic

How Does Your Conversion Rate Compare to Other Publishers?

For publishers with metered paywalls, a Meter Stop Rate of 5% to 7% is the goal. How does your website’s conversion rate stack up? Publishers who generate revenue through online subscriptions should keep a close eye on their conversion rate. With the metered paywall model, readers are allowed to access a certain number of articles…



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Distributed Newsrooms

Hosting Live Events In the Covid Era

Live events are one of the many casualties of Coronavirus, as thousands of conferences, trade shows, forums, and other networking opportunities have gotten called off since the pandemic began. For digital publishers who relied on hosting live events to generate revenue, the disruption has been especially painful. According to Forbes Magazine’s Coronavirus Cancellation Tracker, more…

Local News Partnership Deals

The Publisher’s Guide to Partnership Deals

Collaboration and sharing have always been crucial to local news reporting, but so especially right now in the Covid era. Facing lackluster ad sales, digital publishers are looking at partnership deals as a way to get back on track and drive audience growth. Negotiating the current media landscape means finding likeminded publishers and commercial partners…

Online newspapers make money

How Do Online Newspapers Make Money?

Are you curious how online newspapers make money? News publishers generate the most profit when they take a multi-platform approach to revenue optimization. If you’re thinking about launching an online newspaper as a hobby, then revenue might not be important to you. For most publishers, though, finding a way to generate revenue is an important…

Digital Publishing Case Studies

6 Digital Publishing Case Studies

Learn how successful digital publishers planned, organized, and executed their digital publishing strategies. Don’t go it alone. The best way to learn about how to create a profitable digital publication is to ask how others have achieved the same goal. Similar publishers who have built successful media companies can be an excellent resource, whether you’re…

Email Newsletters

Are Newsletters the New Homepage? What Publishers Should Know

Does it feel like your inbox is overflowing with newsletters? You’re not alone. For many news publishers, newsletters have become an incredible revenue driver. Surging reader interest, coupled with ample opportunities for monetization, is leading publishers to launch more and more email newsletters. Email newsletters give avid news readers access to information throughout the day….

Subscription Success

What Can Digital Publishers Teach Brands?

There’s never been an easier time to become a digital publisher. Popular publishing platforms are being designed in a way that anyone can use. Overly-complicated and expensive technology is no longer necessary for digital publishers. All you need these days is a smartphone and a WordPress account to get going. With such a low barrier…