National Advertisers

Local Publishers Are Making Big Gains with National Advertisers — Here’s Why

Decades of hard work are paying off for local news publishers. After years of courting brands and steadily growing their advertising programs, local media companies are seeing a surge in interest from national brand advertisers this fall. Locally-focused digital publishers like 6AM City and Whereby.Us have started seeing an increase in national advertisers “exploring their…

Local Advertising

How Does Local Advertising Benefit Brands?

Have you heard of the news halo effect? Research has shown that a publication’s trust transfers to its advertisers, so readers are more likely to trust a company when it runs ads in their favorite local publication. But, that’s not the only advantage that local advertising offers over other channels. A recent IAB survey of…

Monetize Free Content

5 Ways to Monetize Free Content

As a digital publisher, you can’t expect most people to pay for access to a news website or online magazine if they don’t know what they’re getting. Free content is what brings people to your website and encourages them to stick around for a while. It may seem counterintuitive, but publishing content for free is…

Outrank a More Popular Website

10 of the Best SEO Tools for Digital Publishers in 2020

These are the top 10 best SEO tools for digital publishers to use right now Everything can change in an instant. Each time Google updates its search algorithm, digital publishers get a little nervous while they wait for the fallout. Never mind that the updates are often necessary to keep search results as relevant as…



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Revenue Diversification

Why Revenue Diversification is Vital in 2020

Have you heard people say revenue diversification has never been more important? They’re correct. Digital publishers can’t afford to rely on any single stream of revenue. At least not now. It’s not that there is a problem with any particular revenue strategy, per se. Plenty of digital news and magazine publishers are still bringing in…

Subscriber Management Tool

How Publishers Are Increasing Subscribers During the Covid-19 Crisis

How are some digital publishers increasing subscribers during the Covid-19 crisis? Here’s what you should know. This year has been a true test for the publishing industry, with digital-first companies facing a great deal of uncertainty. A new report paints an optimistic outlook, though, particularly for publishers with subscription programs. Research show that most publishers…

Google Ranking

Publisher’s Guide to Improving Google Search Visibility

Search for the keywords or phrases your publication uses most frequently. How often does your site show up in the top 10 results on Google? If you’re not satisfied with the answer, it’s time to get to work improving your Google search visibility. Ranking poorly in Google search is a disaster for digital publishers. If…

Building an Online Magazine

How to Deal with Subscriber Churn

These are the best strategies to prevent subscriber churn. Fewer clicks, less engagement, less frequent website visits — you know when a subscriber is about to cancel. Once a reader has started losing interest in what your publication is offering, your shot at keeping them as a subscriber begins to fade quickly. According to some…

Event Listing Websites

The Best Event Listing Websites for Virtual Events

Use these event listing websites to expand your reach and get your virtual (and live) events listed on Google and Facebook. Virtual and in-person events can be a big moneymaker for digital publishers. Conferences, festivals, and summits are just a few examples of the types of events that publishers can host. While most live events…

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The Latest Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Publishers

Learn how to generate a passive income with the latest affiliate marketing strategies, designed specifically for the digital publishing community. Who doesn’t want to generate income while they sleep? That’s the main idea behind passive income, and it’s one of the major reasons why publishers are investing so heavily in affiliate marketing in 2020. For…