Drive More Traffic to Breaking News

How to Drive More Traffic to Breaking News Stories

Web Publisher PRO’s guide for publishers wanting to drive more traffic to breaking news stories Digital publishers are at the forefront of local news coverage, but supporting this type of resource-heavy journalism requires significant revenue and a dedicated readership. While SEO is widely viewed as the main driver of overall website traffic, breaking news is…

Facebook Instant Articles

How to Use Facebook Instant Articles

If you’re wondering how to use Facebook Instant Articles to get more traffic to your website, we’ve got everything you should know. As digital publishers search for creative ways to increase website traffic, audience engagement, and revenue, one approach that keeps coming up involves Facebook Instant Articles. Instant Articles aren’t necessarily new, in fact the…

Bundled Subscriptions

Are Bundled Subscriptions the Right Approach for Digital Publishers?

Do bundled subscriptions dilute a publisher’s brand, or do they help publishers reach larger audiences and drive profitability? If you’re wondering whether bundled subscriptions are the right approach for your site, we’ve got the answer. The concept of a bundled subscription varies depending on who you ask and how you frame the question. The most…

Newsletter Open and Clickthrough Rates

17 Tips to Improve Your Newsletter Open and Clickthrough Rates

Are you ready to improve your newsletter open and clickthrough rates? We’ll show you how. Running a successful email newsletter means reaching out to people who actually want to hear from your publication. Unfortunately, what happens too often is that emails get lost in readers’ inbox clutter or their spam folders. By the time a…



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Publishers Confident About 2021

Digital Publishers Are Confident About 2021. Here’s Why

The drop in revenue that some publishers saw last spring was somewhat inevitable, as waves of Covid-19 cases led to economic uncertainty around the world. But as we finish out 2020, publishers say they are feeling confident about 2021. There’s good reason for that optimism. Subscription revenue for digital publishers grew strongly in the second…

Web Development Agency

7 Things a Web Development Agency Should Do for You

The definitive checklist for any publisher hiring a web development agency When you are building a digital publication and seeking support from a variety of resources, who helps you keep it all together? Who keeps your vendors connected and accountable? Who keeps your strategy cohesive? Who checks in to make sure the apps and platforms…

Creative Subscription Strategies

How to Define Reader Engagement — A Guide for Publishers

Track, analyze, and encourage reader engagement The newest generation of digital publishers is defining reader engagement in a totally different way than their predecessors. These days, engagement is being defined as active involvement or participation. Engaged readers aren’t just clicking randomly from page to page. They’re actually reading the content that publishers put out, and…

Host Virtual Events on LinkedIn

How to Host Virtual Events on LinkedIn

Did you know that digital publishers can host virtual events on LinkedIn? Our guide will show you how this is done. Publishers around the globe have moved their live events online this year. Even once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, it’s likely that many of these events will remain online-only for the foreseeable future. Broadly…

Subscribers Feel Like VIPs

How to Make Subscribers Feel Like VIPs

The best way to reduce churn is to make your subscribers feel like VIPs. Whether you’re looking at a churn rate of 1% or 10%, there’s always room for improvement. Subscribers who leave after a short period of time are a drain on a publication’s resources. It costs so much more to convert a new…

loyal readers

Loyal Readers Consume the Most Content — Why That Matters

When you generate story ideas and publish content on your website, who are you writing for? If you’re trying to attract readers from social media or win the battle for search engine dominance, you might be taking the wrong approach. According to a new study, loyal readers consume a whopping 5x more content than non-loyal…