Copywriting Tips

Native Advertising Best Practices for Online Magazine Publishers

The best native advertising programs drive conversions, engagement, and revenue for online magazine publishers. Pinpointing exactly how to develop the kind of successful native advertising program that actually moves the needle on profitability, without being disruptive, is challenging. That makes learning about native advertising best practices especially important for online magazine publishers. Native advertising is…



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WordPress Speed and Performance

How to Add Value to Your Business Directory

Creating “Best Of” lists, landing pages, self-serve portals, and other types of advertising to add value to your business directory Online business directories are providing digital publishers with a valuable monetization opportunity, but the benefits don’t stop at the publisher’s doorstep. Beyond providing an additional source of revenue for online magazines and news publishers, directories…

SEO Tips

SEO Tips Every Magazine Publisher Should Know

Whether you want to brush up on your keyword research or dig into more advanced search concepts, these are the SEO tips you’ll want to know as a magazine publisher. Search traffic is something online magazine publishers can’t afford to ignore. While word-of-mouth marketing and social media will always have their place in the world…