Health and Wellness Content

Is Health and Wellness Content the Next Big Trend in Publishing?

When Dennis Publishing’s The Week Junior announced it was launching a new wellbeing section this month, the children’s magazine became the latest in a string of publications to increase coverage of health and wellness trends. What’s behind the push, and what might the growing interest in wellness content mean for digital publishers in 2021? While…

Social Media Video

Building Community with Social Media Video

How can you grow your audience with social media video? Start by deciding who you want to reach and how you want them to find your content. Then ask what you need to do to keep those viewers returning for more. Social media audiences have all the options. People can choose for themselves what they…

TikTok Strategies for Local News Publishers

5 Best TikTok Strategies for Local News Publishers

With a reported 800 million active monthly users, TikTok has become a viral sensation. Local news publishers should all be looking at how to jump onboard. We’ve put together a guide to the most effective TikTok strategies for local news publishers. From education to entertainment, local news publishers are finding many different ways to grow…

Earn From Email Newsletters

Should Local Publishers Create Paid Newsletters?

The recent decision by Forbes to launch its own paid newsletters platform has been seen by many in the publishing industry as a signal that change is on the horizon. But Forbes isn’t the only major media company to go this route. A handful of legacy media outlets have launched paid newsletter platforms over the…



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Google News

What Google’s Mobile Redesign Means for Digital Publishers

If you’ve run a Google search on your smartphone or tablet recently, you may have noticed things are looking a little different. With the new year came a major visual redesign of Google’s mobile search experience. Now, weeks after its initial debut, more people are beginning to ask what Google’s mobile redesign means for digital…

End of Adobe Flash Player

What Does the End of Adobe Flash Player Mean for Publishers?

Closing the door on 2020 means many things for digital publishers, not the least of which is the end of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe officially announced that it would be ending support for its Flash Player as of December 31st, 2020, although rumors of its demise had been circling since 2017. In its quest to…

news publishers 2021

News Publishers Expect Advertisers to Return This Year — Here’s Why

With just days left before President Trump departs the White House and the Biden administration moves into place, news publishers seem to be walking the line between hopeful and cautious as they look at what 2021 may hold. High expectations are moving the industry forward, as news publishers look at future-proofing opportunities for revenue optimization….

Subscriber Management Tool

How to Grow Your Readership — 5 Simple Steps

In some ways, digital publishing has never been easier. Content management systems like WordPress have democratized publishing, so just about anyone can create a website and start posting their thoughts online for the world to see. But developing a publishing business requires more than just getting your thoughts on the screen. For that, you’ll need…

Online Magazine

How to Create Compelling Ad Packages

What’s the secret to creating compelling ad packages in 2021? We’ll tell you Publishers who want successful advertising and sponsorship programs need to differentiate their offerings from anything else on the market. For local news publishers and online magazines, that means developing compelling ad packages. The best ad packages incorporate the following: Exclusivity What makes…