Parenting Magazine Publishers

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Parenting Magazine Publishers

We’ve got the top WordPress plugins that parenting magazine publishers should know about. Parenting magazines serve as a trusted resource for families, with content designed to empower moms and dads. The readers of parenting magazines are incredibly digitally savvy, making it especially important for parenting and family magazines to have strong online footprints. What makes…

B2B publishing trends

B2B Publishing Trends in 2021 and Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever altered the way business-to-business magazines operate. The face of business has changed, and that’s had a direct impact on the B2B publishing trends we’re seeing today. Business executives had to adjust to working from home during the pandemic, and that led to a sharp uptick in pageviews and engagement for…

Spotify’s Partnership with WordPress

What Spotify’s Partnership with WordPress Means for Publishers

A new announcement from Spotify has gotten the digital news industry buzzing. The company confirmed this morning that it’s partnering with WordPress and launching a tool that content creators, including bloggers and independent news publishers, can use to automatically publish written content as podcasts. Spotify’s partnership with WordPress opens up the door to podcasting for…

Distributed Newsrooms

What’s the Deal with Distributed Newsrooms?

Quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing measures pushed millions of people to work from home during the height of the pandemic in 2020. For digital publishers with distributed newsrooms, the changes that came about were a bit more nuanced. More than half of all Americans were working remotely during the earliest days of the pandemic, back…



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Twitter Blue for Publishers

How Twitter’s Subscription Payments Could Benefit Publishers

You may have heard that Twitter is considering adding subscription capabilities to its platform. If the social media company starts allowing users to receive subscription payments from their followers, some digital publishers could be in for a windfall. If you’ve ever solicited contributions from your readers through Patreon, then Twitter’s new subscription payments capabilities might…

Keyword Research for News Publishers

Is Keyword Research Still Necessary for News Publishers?

It’s all about the news. That’s the way most hyperlocal publishers and online magazine publishers operate as they develop their editorial strategies. But keyword research still has its place in the news publisher’s playbook. Keyword research involves researching popular search terms that people type into Google and Bing, and then strategically placing those terms into…

Niche Publications

Why Niche Publications Are the Future of Digital Media

Having in-depth knowledge of a particular topic puts you at an advantage in any industry. The digital media industry is no exception. Recent trends show that niche publications are set to surpass general interest outlets, with readers showing strong preference for publications that focus directly on a few pertinent topics. The idea behind building growth…

Building an Online Magazine

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Magazine Subscription Sales

Virtually everything about our lives has been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the way we consume digital media. Online publishers have seen some unexpected changes, and they’re adjusting their magazine subscription sales tactics as a result. When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit one year ago, nobody knew what to expect. People across the globe…

Membership Management Platforms

5 Best and Most Popular Membership Management Platforms in 2021

As the number of digital publishers with subscription programs has grown, so has the level of interest in membership management platforms. If you’ve recently launched a subscription offering or membership program at your publication, you might be wondering which membership management platform is the best and which one you should choose. Membership management platforms help…

Merchandise On-Demand

6 Platforms Digital Publishers Can Use to Sell Merchandise On-Demand

As consumers grow more comfortable purchasing gifts and other products online, digital publishers are asking how they can get in on the e-commerce action. Being able to sell merchandise on-demand can be a lucrative source of recurring revenue, particularly for those publishers with dedicated subscribers. From t-shirts and book bags, to stickers, water bottles, notepads,…