new media landscape

What Digital Publishers Should Know About the New Media Landscape

Young adults are leading the way. As a new media landscape begins to develop, young adults are at the forefront of all things digital. What does this mean for publishers, and how can online media businesses get in the right position to capitalize on the momentum? We’ll tell you. It’s not your imagination. The media…

Creative Subscription Strategies

The Biggest Content Analytics Trends in 2021

The data is in, and publishers have plenty to be optimistic about. Looking at the biggest content analytics trends in 2021, it’s clear that digital publishers and content creators are in for a banner year. Coming off a year that was marked not just by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also the Black Lives Matter movement…

Personalize Content

How to Personalize Content to Increase Conversions

Who are you writing for? Whether you’re writing for first-time website visitors, longtime subscribers, or the Google algorithm, you’ll find that there are ways to personalize content to increase conversions. We’re all guilty of occasionally adjusting website copy based on the latest changes to the Google algorithm. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO),…



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Publisher RPM

What Is Publisher RPM?

If you’ve never heard the term revenue per mille, you’re not alone. Despite advertising being the most common revenue channel for online publishers, publisher RPM is still something that’s not well understood. Why is that, and how can learning about RPM help maximize profitability at your own publication? Whereas CPM is an advertiser-focused metric, RPM…

SEO Auditing Tools

7 Best SEO Auditing Tools for Digital Publishers in 2021

When Google changes its algorithm, digital publishers take notice. Even the smallest updates can wreak havoc on a publisher’s search strategy. If it seems like you’re always running a step behind, then SEO auditing tools can help you catch up. Despite how much information there is published about Google’s algorithm, the truth is there is…

Promote an Online Magazine

How to Promote an Online Magazine

Discover how to promote an online magazine, and find out the resources required to get the results you want. Online magazines are different from print magazines in a lot of ways, and we’re not just talking about how they’re produced. Digital publishers have unique considerations when it comes to promoting their businesses. Many of the…

Subscription Success

Are Younger Readers the Secret to Subscription Success?

Traditional newspapers have long been known for having older audiences, but new research is showing that younger readers might actually be the secret to long-term subscription success. In a recent survey published by the World Association of News Publishers, 23.4% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 said they are “ready to pay”…

Clubhouse for Digital Publishers

Should Digital Publishers Use Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is the newest social media platform on the block. Should digital publishers be using it? Audio chatrooms aren’t necessarily new, but the makers behind Clubhouse believe they’ve developed something unlike anything else. Clubhouse is a popular new social media platform that influencers are using to host public conversations about all kinds of topics. Clubhouse…

Ad Viewability

5 Essentials for Every Digital Publisher

Profitability doesn’t happen by chance. To build a sustainable online business and grow as a digital publisher, you’ll want to incorporate these five essential elements. The digital publishing industry has been around long enough that the basic rules and norms are well-established. Most local news websites are run on the WordPress platform, and the vast…