Facebook’s News Feed

How to Rank Better in Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook recently announced plans to shake up its News Feed to give users more of what they want. While that’s generally good news for consumers, any changes in Facebook’s News Feed could have major implications for digital publishers. Facebook has become one of the most important drivers of traffic for local news publishers and online…

Social Media in 2021

How Publishers of All Sizes Can Embrace Social Media in 2021

It’s time to pivot your strategy and embrace social media in 2021. Digital publishers were among the first to embrace social media, but in 2021, nearly every publication has gotten on board. Across social media platforms, and particularly Twitter, both digital and print publishers have gone all in on their social media strategies. Publications like…

Keyword Rules for SEO

5 of the Best Tools for Monitoring Your SEO in 2021

Try these tools for monitoring your SEO. Which KPIs are you using to track your website’s SEO performance? Frequent updates to Google’s algorithm mean the bar is always rising. The KPIs you tracked last year might only be half as relevant in 2021. Search algorithms are designed to uncover the most relevant content based on…

Direct Traffic

Why Should Publishers Care About Direct Traffic?

Amid all the focus on search engine optimization and social sharing, there’s a big opportunity that many online publishers are missing: direct traffic. The majority of digital publishers don’t know the source of their direct traffic, and that can create both confusion and a feeling of powerlessness. After all, how can you grow a traffic…



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Privacy Compliance Guidelines

The Latest Privacy Compliance Guidelines for News Publishers

Online privacy regulations seem to be changing every week, and many digital news publishers are asking where they fit in. These are the latest privacy compliance guidelines that news publishers need to know about in 2021. The shift in privacy compliance guidelines that we’re seeing today has been in the works for some time, long…

Earn From Email Newsletters

How Much Can You Earn From Email Newsletters?

Here at Web Publisher PRO, we often hear from digital publishers who are considering launching their own email newsletters. However, many of these publishers are nervous to take the plunge and unsure of how much they can expect to earn from email newsletters. We thought it was time to answer some of the biggest questions…

Editorial Calendar

15 Ways to Fill Your Editorial Calendar with New Content Ideas

Constantly searching for new content ideas can be overwhelming. We’ve spoken to the experts and gotten their best strategies for finding valuable, SEO-worthy story ideas to fill your editorial calendar. Do you use an editorial calendar or a publishing schedule to plan out your content? It’s an incredibly effective way to manage ideas, plan upcoming…

E-Commerce Monetization Opportunities

E-Commerce Monetization Opportunities for Publishers

Throw out what you think you know about e-commerce. Today’s digital publishers are finding all-new e-commerce monetization opportunities. Here’s what you should know. The surge in traffic across e-commerce websites has spilled over into the media sphere, and savvy digital publishers are capitalizing on the opportunity. Consumers have grown far more comfortable shopping online during…

Aspiring Local News Publishers

7 Resources for Aspiring Local News Publishers

The need for high-quality local journalism has never been greater, and yet the obstacles to launching a hyperlocal media website are still daunting for aspiring local news publishers. Hundreds of hyperlocal news websites currently operate in the U.S. and Canada, and every one of those publications faced certain challenges and struggles in the beginning. How…

Launch a Paywall

When Should You Launch a Paywall? A Detailed Guide

Is it ever too soon for a digital publication to launch a paywall? Absolutely. If you’re having a hard time deciding when to start charging for access to your website, you’re not alone. Anytime a new publication launches, the first priority should be developing strong, high-quality content. Without a solid content strategy in place, your…