Value Proposition

What Is Your Value Proposition?

Having a compelling value proposition will help in every aspect of your publishing business. It’s something that every member of your team should know by heart, whether they work in sales, editorial, marketing, or any other department. A value proposition is a straightforward statement that summarizes why a reader would choose your publication over any…

Creative Subscription Strategies

Digital Publishing Best Practices for Audience Engagement

Your audience is interested in the content you’re publishing, otherwise they wouldn’t have clicked onto your website. The best way to keep those readers sticking around for longer is to engage them, and that’s where these best practices for audience engagement come into play. Just by considering audience engagement, you’re already one step ahead of…

end of third-party cookies

Are You Prepared For the End of Third-Party Cookies?

Less than a year remains until Google officially sunsets third-party cookies on the Chrome browser. Are you prepared? Most digital publishers are not prepared for the end of third-party cookies in 2022. According to IAB, 40% of businesses still have work to do. Although it’s been more than a year since Google announced that it…

Subscription Pricing Online Magazine

What Causes Search Rankings to Drop?

If you’ve noticed a sudden decrease in traffic coming to a popular landing page or evergreen content on your website, you’re probably wondering why that is. What causes search rankings to drop? In most situations, there is no one single event that causes a webpage to drop off the first page of Google search results….



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Audit Your Content

How to Audit Your Content for Editorial Tone

What is the tone of your publication? If you don’t immediately know the answer, then you probably don’t have a defined tone. Why does that matter, and why should you audit your content for editorial tone? We’ll tell you. Developing an editorial tone of voice is one of the first steps that publishers take when…

Ad Viewability

5 Challenges Facing Digital Media Entrepreneurs (And How to Overcome Them)

Thousands of local newspapers have closed in the last decade, leaving journalism grads looking for new media opportunities. Digital media entrepreneurship has evolved to become one of the most popular career paths for young journalists today. While the path to becoming a media entrepreneur is rewarding, it’s also risky. Budding publishers face a mountain of…

Business Tools for Newsletter Publishers

5 Must-Have Business Tools for Newsletter Publishers

Email newsletters have been around for decades, but the strategies that digital publishers are using to monetize their newsletters have gotten more sophisticated. In just the past few years, the number of business tools for newsletter publishers has doubled (if not tripled). With so many options available now, how do you choose which business tools…

Instagram Advertising

The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Instagram Advertising

More than 1 billion people use Instagram each month, making it one of the most important social networking platforms out there in 2021. Despite its massive size, though, most digital publishers don’t know much about how Instagram advertising could help their businesses. Instagram has been popular with brand advertisers for years, but it only recently…

Copywriting Tips

The Latest Opportunities for Local News Entrepreneurs

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a digital publication, now is the time to do it. The resources and opportunities for local news entrepreneurs have never been greater, despite lingering concerns about the stability of many legacy media companies. Innovation in the digital publishing industry is coming from both nonprofit and for-profit…

Acceptable Ads

What Are Acceptable Ads?

Consumers are becoming more comfortable viewing and engaging with Acceptable Ads. How do you know if the ads running on your website fit the definition? For publishers that generate revenue through display advertising, the problem is nothing new. More advertising equals more profit, but too many display ads can lead to higher bounce rates and…