Travel Digital Magazines

Travel Is the Fastest Growing Category in Digital Magazines. Here’s Why

After months of being locked up at home, people around the world are itching to get out and travel. The trend is leading travel publications to see a huge jump in readership, with subscription rates and advertising fill rates going through the roof. According to data from Readly, a digital subscription service, travel and recreation…

Subscriber Management Tool

Subscriber Management Tools for Digital Publishers

Attracting new subscribers is only half the battle. As a digital publisher, it’s your job to keep paying subscribers engaged so they will renew their subscriptions at the end of each term. The easiest way to do that is by using subscriber management tools that integrate directly into your website. Cloud-based subscriber management tools are…

Outrank a More Popular Website

How to Outrank a More Popular Website

If you want to outrank a more popular website, you’ll need to come up with a compelling SEO strategy. Nobody starts out as the biggest fish in the pond. As a digital publisher, your goal should be to grow incrementally and slowly pick off your competition over time. The toughest stage is the very beginning….

Instagram Content Strategies

4 Types of Instagram Content Strategies for Publishers

Big changes in the way Instagram prioritizes content in users’ feeds are forcing digital publishers to rethink their Instagram content strategies. Updates to Instagram’s algorithm mean users today are more likely to see longer videos from brands and media companies than short clips posted by their friends. The move is reportedly part of a larger…



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Podcasts for Online Publishers

7 Podcasting Plugins for News Publishers

Last week’s announcement that Automattic, the parent company of, had acquired the podcasting app Pocket Casts led many digital publishers to wonder whether now is the right time to launch a podcast. For publishers who run their websites on WordPress, these podcasting plugins can simplify the process of creating, managing, and promoting all different…

Creative Subscription Strategies

How to Decrease Subscription Renewal Costs

Two of the biggest expenses for digital publishers are subscriber acquisition and subscriber retention. Finding ways to decrease subscription renewal costs can have a huge impact on overall profitability. For a publisher that operates at a 20% profit margin, every dollar saved in subscription and circulation efforts is the equivalent of $5 in new revenue….

Social Media Branding

The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Social Media Branding

Social media branding is all about boosting awareness. As a digital publisher, you want people to be aware that your website exists. With the right strategies on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can bring more visitors into your sales funnel and convert more readers into subscribers. There isn’t a publisher out there…

Apple's Privacy Change

How Is Apple’s Privacy Change Impacting Digital Publishers?

Apple’s privacy change is already having a big impact on digital publishers, even before its official debut. When Apple Mail Privacy Protection launches with iOS 15, it will be one of the most significant privacy updates in Apple’s history. While the update will have the biggest impact on digital publishers that send email newsletters, the…

Using Too Many Internal Links

What’s Wrong With Using Too Many Internal Links?

The advantages of internal linking are abundant. Internal links improve website usability, lead to an increase in pageviews, and improve PageRank. From an SEO perspective, these are all very good things. But new information from Google shows that using too many internal links can actually hurt your page rank, and that’s a major problem for…

SEO Definitions

The SEO Definitions Every Publisher Should Know

Outrank the competition by learning these fundamental SEO definitions Just because you know the value of search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t mean you understand the fundamental principles — or the complicated jargon. If you listen to SEO pros, it can sometimes sound like they’re speaking a different language. SEO, organic traffic, clickthrough rates, SEM, PPC,…