Online Magazine

Best Practices When Merging Multiple Websites

Merging multiple websites can be an unpredictable process. We’ve put together the best strategies for identifying and prioritizing your most valuable pages when combining two or more publications. Merging multiple online publications into one website is a complicated affair. Attempting to manage the project in-house, without sacrificing your Google ranking in the process, is nearly…

Creative Subscription Strategies

3 Creative Subscription Strategies for Digital Publishers

Attracting new subscribers and building long-term relationships begins with diversification. If you’re looking for ways to drive higher lifetime value from existing subscribers, it’s time to diversify your offerings and try these creative subscription strategies. Of all the revenue streams that online newspaper and magazine publishers have at their disposal, three stand out as being…

author URL

How to Add Author URL in Article Schema

Google is now recommending that publishers add author URL in article schema to help identify the authors of online news articles. Here’s what you should know. Google is at it again. The company recently updated its guidance on the author URL property as part of a larger change to the recommended properties that publishers should…

SEO Strategy for Magazines

Advanced SEO Strategy for City and Regional Magazines

Publishing a city or regional magazine comes with a unique set of challenges. An advanced SEO strategy is necessary for online magazines to compete with news sites and tourism bureaus for high-value keywords. While the fundamentals of SEO always remain the same, city and regional magazines are treated very differently by search engines like Google…



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Podcasts for Online Publishers

Essential Podcasts for Online Publishers

Interested in digital publishing, but short on time? Give these 10 essential podcasts for online publishers a try. Maybe you listen in the car, when you’re on a jog, or while you’re cooking dinner. Podcasts are exploding in popularity, and they have become a great way for digital publishers to keep up on the latest…

Google Ranking

Is Your Ad Inventory Hurting Your Google Ranking?

The law of unintended consequences tells us that certain actions can have effects that are unanticipated or unwanted. In the online publishing space, we see this frequently. Developers roll out new features that negatively impact other components on a publisher’s website, or anticipated product updates cause glitches in software and drops in Google ranking. When…

Social Media Tools

The Best Social Media Tools, Templates & Calendars to Plan Your Content

What does every big project need? A plan. While there are certainly times to improvise, social media strategy shouldn’t be left up to chance. Try these social media tools and templates as you plan your approach. Most digital publishers in 2021 recognize the important role that social media plays in editorial marketing and reader engagement….

Building an Online Magazine

The 5 Best Resources for Building an Online Magazine

Building an online magazine from scratch requires editorial acumen, business savviness, and a lot of technical skills. Think you have what it takes? Check out these five authoritative posts from Web Publisher PRO to get a better idea of what’s involved. Right now is arguably the best time in history to become a digital publisher….

Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips for Subscription Publications

Try these creative copywriting tips to improve conversion rates on your subscription website. Are you constantly searching for more ways to convert website visitors into paying subscribers? Whether your publication is sustained by memberships, subscriptions, advertising, or some combination of the above, publishing compelling copy is the true key to driving conversions. Emotional copywriting can…

Growth in Online Video

Publishers React to Growth in Online Video

Explosive growth in online video is changing how consumers interact on the web, and digital publishers are finding new ways to adapt. In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg said video now accounts for nearly half of the time users spend on the Facebook platform. On-demand video is growing faster than content in Facebook’s News Feed,…