Google Continuous Scrolling

Publishers React to the Latest Google News App Updates

An upcoming change to the Google News app could be a big win for digital publishers. As part of Google’s Page Experience Update, the company recently announced that it’s eliminating the requirement that publishers use AMP framework to be included in Google News. That change has the potential to make the Google News app much…

WordPress themes SEO

Does Changing WordPress Themes Hurt Google Rankings?

Every website deserves a refresh, but if you’re changing WordPress themes, you might be wondering whether your Google ranking will drop. The answer is, it depends. In a recent video, Google’s John Mueller answered the question of whether changing WordPress themes causes websites to drop in Google rankings. According to Mueller, the answer depends on…

Subscription Pricing Online Magazine

Subscription Pricing Tips for Online Magazine Publishers [2021]

Why does a subscription that costs $29.97 sell better than one that costs $30? Online magazine publishers know that small adjustments in pricing can have a big impact on subscription sales. It comes down to psychology. In pricing psychology, a few cents can make or break a person’s decision on whether to click “buy.” Some…

Build a Custom CMS

Should You Build a Custom CMS?

If you have been in the digital publishing industry for long enough, you’ve probably come across someone who’s decided to build a custom CMS. The process can provoke anxiety and frustration for even the most experienced publishers. That’s because the expectations for a custom CMS are almost never in line with reality. The reasons behind…



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How to Optimize a WordPress Website for Speed and Performance

Are you looking for ways to make your WordPress website faster? Are speed and performance important to you? Then this is an article you won’t want to miss. We’re drilling down and explaining why website performance matters and how to optimize a WordPress website for speed. Website speed and performance matter for two main reasons:…

Facebook Verification Guidelines

Facebook’s New Verification Guidelines For News Publishers

Having a verified account can increase your authority on social media. Digital news publishers looking to get their accounts verified should consider these new verification guidelines from Facebook and Instagram. The verification process for Facebook and Instagram has always been shrouded in secrecy. However, the process got even more confusing when Facebook and Instagram introduced…

Local News Publishers Congress

Local News Publishers Should Keep a Close Eye on Congress in 2021

In the coming weeks, the U.S. Congress will consider trillions of dollars worth of spending bills. One particular piece of legislation could have a major impact on local news publishers. The Local Journalism Sustainability Act was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives by Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick and Dan Newhouse on June 16. Since then,…

Twitter Blue for Publishers

How to Make Money on Twitter: Digital Publisher’s Guide [2021]

Twitter recently announced a new way for digital publishers to monetize their followers. The social platform’s subscription-based system is just one of many ways to make money on Twitter in 2021. If you’ve wondered how to make money on Twitter, you’re not alone. The next step once you’ve set up a business account and established…

Vanity URLs

Landing Page Guidelines for Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs help people remember your brand and find your landing pages organically. Just make sure your vanity URLs are set up using these guidelines. Most digital publishers know about the importance of landing pages, but few understand the full benefit of using vanity URLs for the most popular pages on their websites. A vanity…

Google Continuous Scrolling

Google Page Experience Update — What Publishers Should Know

Google completed the rollout of its Page Experience update this week. Here’s what that means for digital publishers. If you missed Google’s announcement that the rollout of Google Page Experience update was completed this week, you weren’t alone. The announcement went under the radar for many, particularly within the digital publishing community. However, as more…