Bounce Rate For Better SEO Performance

How To Calculate Bounce Rate For Better SEO Performance

How should you calculate bounce rate, and how can an improved bounce rate lead to better SEO performance? Bounce rate is one of those web marketing terms that means very little without context. It has nothing to do with inflatable balls or basketball games. When it comes to website analytics, bounce rate involves the percentage…

Make Publishing Pay

How to Make Publishing Pay in 2022 (and Beyond)

When we talk with many digital publishers, they often tell us about their desire to increase website traffic. When asked why website traffic is important, the answer is usually that they need to compete with other publications. What this really means is that publishers want more traffic so they can generate more revenue. They’re looking…

Placing Ads in Email Newsletters

Debunking 5 Myths About Placing Ads in Email Newsletters

Publishers have many preconceived notions about placing ads in email newsletters. Advertisers might have heard that newsletters don’t have as much reach as websites, that they don’t generate high click-through rates, or they’re not equipped for ad targeting. However, newsletters are actually an incredibly effective channel for advertisers to reach consumers, and one that can…

Optimizing Title Tags

Optimizing Title Tags: Best Practices for Digital Publishers

Have you ever wondered where the clickable text that appears on Google’s search results pages comes from? The headlines for search listings—the first thing most people see when running an online search—are automatically generated based on a webpage’s title tags. That’s just one of the reasons why optimizing title tags is so important for digital…



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Twitter Blue for Publishers

Everything Publishers Should Know About Twitter Blue Subscription Service

Twitter Blue has arrived, and digital publishers have some questions. The premium subscription service officially launched this month, giving subscribers access to ad-free articles and fast-loading content from more than 300 online publications in the United States. With so many questions, rumors, and concerns swirling among the digital publishing community, we thought we would take…

Tips for SEO in 2022

Will Keywords Matter for SEO in 2022?

Changes in Google’s search algorithm are leading more publishers to question whether keywords will matter for SEO in 2022. Keyword rankings have become an obsession for some digital publishers. Within the B2B, lifestyle, regional, and parenting magazine niches, ranking on the first page of Google results for high-value keywords is an important metric of success….

Ad Viewability

Why Should Digital Publishers Care About Ad Viewability?

In order for a display ad to be effective, it has to be viewed. Ad viewability rates have been used for years to track the visibility of ads on websites and mobile apps. However, new research into ad viewability rates is now showing that there may be a better way for publishers to evaluate and…

Embedded Videos

Best Practices For Publishers Using Embedded Videos

Embedded videos can drive clicks and engagement for magazine publishers — when they’re done right. If you’re incorporating video into your website content, keep these best practices from Google in mind. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth many times more. Digital publishers in every vertical are integrating more…

Online Magazine Subscriptions

The Real Reason Why Readers Cancel Online Magazine Subscriptions

The cost to bring in a new subscriber is three to five times higher than the cost to retain an existing one. With online magazine subscriptions becoming the most profitable revenue channel for many media businesses in 2021, publishers are paying closer attention to their subscriber retention techniques. To better understand the reasons why readers…