sell newsletter sponsorships

How to Sell Newsletter Sponsorships

Want to level up your advertising program? If you don’t already have a plan to sell newsletter sponsorships, you may be missing out. Display advertising is one of the most popular ways for online magazine publishers to generate revenue. However, despite its long history in the media industry, display advertising rates have been dropping for…

Recover Search Rankings

How to Recover Your Search Rankings In 2022

From slow website speeds to link spam, there are hundreds of reasons why publishers lost SEO traffic in 2021. As we head into the new year, it’s time to start thinking about how to recover your search rankings and navigate Google’s latest algorithm changes. Google took a more aggressive approach with its search algorithm in…

YouTube Search Insights

How to Use YouTube Search Insights — A Guide for Digital Publishers

YouTube’s experimental new Search Insights tool is meant to simplify keyword research and help digital publishers identify content gaps on their YouTube channels. We’ve rounded up everything you should know about YouTube Search Insights, so you can get started using this useful new feature right away. If you’ve wondered what YouTube Search Insights is, you’re…