Membership Management Platforms

5 Best and Most Popular Membership Management Platforms in 2021

As the number of digital publishers with subscription programs has grown, so has the level of interest in membership management platforms. If you’ve recently launched a subscription offering or membership program at your publication, you might be wondering which membership management platform is the best and which one you should choose.

Membership management platforms help digital news publishers and online magazine publishers record and track information about their subscribers in an organized manner. This sort of systematic approach to subscriber management can have all sorts of benefits, from making it easier for publishers to launch newsletters to decreasing subscriber churn. In addition to managing subscriber information, without relying exclusively on complex spreadsheets, publishers can also use the latest membership management platforms for customer relationship management, newsletter management, and tracking subscription tiers.

The best membership management platforms fit right into the publisher’s existing technology stack. Platforms that integrate directly with content management systems like WordPress are the most desirable option for the majority of for-profit and non-profit publishers. However, it’s important to consider your overall technology stack, including your CMS, email automation system, and any associated plugins, when selecting the best membership platform.

Most membership management platforms are cloud-based, but there are some exceptions. The best solutions shouldn’t require extensive technical knowledge to use. If a platform seems too complicated or overly complex, it’s best to use something else.

These are five of the best membership management platforms for publishers in 2021.

Top Membership Management Platforms for Publishers

1. Pico
If you’ve worked with Web Publisher PRO before, you’ve probably heard us talk about the many benefits of Pico. Pico is a top-rated membership management platform that provides an alternative payment model for publishers. Pico’s integrated membership payments solution helps publishers drive more conversions. The company also offers pre-built forms and user account interfaces. Pico installs easily, with a simple WordPress plugin or just a few lines of JavaScript, and it connects easily with the most popular email automation platforms and payment systems. Web Publisher PRO is a Pico Certified Developer.

2. MemberPress
Publishers that run their websites on WordPress can look into MemberPress as a potential option for managing their subscribers and members. MemberPress is a comprehensive solution, with plenty of tools for converting existing website visitors into paying subscribers. The WordPress plugin gives digital publishers a way to accept credit cards, sell online courses, sell digital downloads (like ebooks), and control who sees certain types of content. MemberPress also allows publishers to manage their members by granting and revoking access to certain posts, pages, videos, categories, or tags based on the membership levels they offer.

3. Memberful
The Memberful plugin is well-known by digital publishers who have been running subscription programs for some time. Publishers who want more flexibility than they’re getting with some other membership management platforms can use Memberful to design subscription programs based on their own custom needs and specifications. For example, publishers can set pricing and renewal frequency for multiple tiers of access. The plugin works with WordPress, Stripe, and Mailchimp, among other popular tools in the publisher’s stack.

4. PressPatron
If you are interested in receiving donations from your readers, without having to erect any paywalls on your website, then PressPatron is one of the best membership management platforms to try. Although PressPatron doesn’t currently include integrations, publishers are able to export transactions and subscriber databases, and they can import that data into other website management platforms manually.

5. Little Green Light
Non-profit publications have unique considerations when they launch membership and donor programs. Little Green Light is one option designed specifically to meet those needs. Little Green Light is somewhat different from other membership management platforms on this list, but it does offer many of the features that publishers need when they decide to sell memberships to readers in exchange for access to online content. Publishers can build donor profiles, keep track of active and lapsed members, manage donation renewal dates, and create tasks and reminders from within Little Green Light’s unified platform.

To learn even more about how to select the membership management platform that’s right for your publication, contact Web Publisher PRO.