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5 Essentials for Every Digital Publisher

Profitability doesn’t happen by chance. To build a sustainable online business and grow as a digital publisher, you’ll want to incorporate these five essential elements.

The digital publishing industry has been around long enough that the basic rules and norms are well-established. Most local news websites are run on the WordPress platform, and the vast majority are supported by some combination of advertising and subscription revenue. All things considered, the digital publishing community is actually pretty advanced, especially when it comes to the use of the latest technology platforms and marketing automation tools.

With so many tools, platforms, services, and solutions all being targeted at local newsrooms and the digital publishing market, it’s not easy figuring out which ones live up to the hype. Which tools and services should be considered “essential” for every digital publisher, and which are just nice to have around?

Determining the best way to take advantage of the latest technology isn’t always straightforward. At Web Publisher PRO, we’re looking at ways to save digital publishers time and effort when it comes to setting up and maintaining their websites. That means developing websites that are built to last, using best practices for digital news publishers. It also means educating publishers on the best ways to gather insights and optimize their websites to maximize search engine rankings.

For any digital publisher looking to build a business from the ground up, technology platforms loaded with bells and whistles can be all-consuming — and overwhelming. In some cases, the complexities involved in using these systems can end up driving the publisher’s efforts. It’s important to remember that software and platforms are just tools. The digital publisher should be in the driver’s seat, not the software.

The best way to stay in control is to pare down the tools that you’re using and get comfortable with the essentials. We’re not talking just about technology, either. We’re talking about the essential elements that a digital publisher needs to grow a hobby into a business. These are the five essentials every digital publisher should have.

5 Essentials for Digital Publishers

1. A Strong Team
Who do you have supporting your publication? A roster of skilled writers and editors is a good place to start, but you need people in key supporting roles, as well. Whether you are starting a brand new B2B publication or working on the re-launch of a fashion magazine that’s been in print for decades, it’s never too late to take a look around and make sure you have the key players in place.

2. A Business Plan
A publication won’t grow without a plan. How do you plan to monetize your website? Will you rely on advertising, subscription sales, memberships, e-commerce, virtual events, or some combination of these approaches? Any time you’re running a digital publication, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Consider using a strategic planning framework as you develop your business plans and research how large of an investment you’ll need to get your publication to where you need to be.

3. A Platform
If you’re running your website on anything other than the WordPress platform, then you could be missing out on opportunities for optimization. No other solution integrates with as many systems and service providers. With an experienced developer, like Web Publisher PRO, you can configure your website to take full advantage of all that WordPress has to offer, including add-on modules for revenue development and automation plugins to make your life easier.

4. A Monetization Strategy
How will you monetize your website? In the world of digital publishing, there is no single approach that’s best. Every publication is different. The most lucrative monetization approach likely depends on the size of your target audience and the demographics you’re looking to reach. What’s most important is simply that you have a strategy written down and that you work with a developer who can help implement that strategy using the latest tools and software solutions.

5. High-Quality Content
In the world of digital publishing, it all comes back to the content. It doesn’t matter how a marketing automation system is set up or how much money you’ve spent on SEO. If you’re publishing low quality content on your website, then readers are going to notice and so are the search engine algorithms. Low quality content leads to a poor page rank and high bounce rates. As you work on pulling together all the essential elements to grow your digital publication, keep high-quality content at the forefront.

To learn even more about how to build a sustainable digital publication, reach out to Web Publisher PRO.