Digital Publishing Case Studies

6 Digital Publishing Case Studies

Learn how successful digital publishers planned, organized, and executed their digital publishing strategies.

Don’t go it alone. The best way to learn about how to create a profitable digital publication is to ask how others have achieved the same goal. Similar publishers who have built successful media companies can be an excellent resource, whether you’re just getting started in the world of digital publishing or you’ve been honing your craft for years.

Our team at Web Publisher PRO has guided hundreds of successful digital publishing clients through the process of website development, while at the same time offering guidance on all aspects of revenue optimization and audience growth. Along the way, we have refined our strategies for membership websites, subscription programs, social media marketing, and email newsletters.

We have published a series of case studies to help you understand how our services can be useful for other publishers who might be looking for new paths toward profitability or considering redeveloping their websites.

Digital Publishing Case Studies

Each of the following case studies can be viewed individually on the Web Publisher PRO website. We’ll also walk you through the basic principles of each project in this blog post.


Metro Family Magazine came to Web Publisher PRO looking for a website that would be cleaner and more efficient than what the publisher had before. In addition to organizing Metro Family Magazine’s website on the back-end, we also added an online calendar and a directory system with a social media addition to create a new stream of revenue for the publisher. The solid foundation that we created gave us the stability to implement a custom SEO strategy for Metro Family Magazine, as well.


TRNTO does a lot of business with private schools and camps. Prior to working with Web Publisher PRO, the digital publisher was struggling to use an outdated system with limited directory capabilities. TRNTO came to Web Publisher PRO asking for a streamlined solution for creating online directories that the publication could use as a profit vehicles. Not only were we able to do that, but we also got creative with new features that have made TRNTO’s website more user-friendly and opened the door to more interactive opportunities.


The Connecticut Mirror’s digital publishing system is anchored by WordPress. Prior to working with Web Publisher PRO, the CT Mirror was using an outdated website with limited opportunities for showcasing the publication’s in-depth reporting features. In addition to an overall website redesign, Web Publisher PRO gave the publisher a way to display more evergreen stories and added a more effective platform for generating newsletter signups and donations.


Potomac Local is a well-known publication with a reputation for high-quality local news coverage. This digital publishing company came to Web Publisher PRO after experiencing significant technical problems and website outages. Facing the threat of angry subscribers, Potomac Local needed a developer that could quickly diagnose the issues that were causing its website to fail and also make the necessary website upgrades in a timely manner.


Gulfshore Life Media represents a sophisticated lifestyle, with two popular magazines in Southwest Florida. The digital publisher came to Web Publisher PRO looking for a new content management system. WordPress was the clear solution for Gulfshore Life Media. Converting the digital publisher to WordPress has given Gulfshore Life Media the greatest level of flexibility and security, and it has made it easier for the publication’s own editorial staff to make website updates as their needs evolve in the future.


Creativity was important to New Jersey Family. The digital publication had been running on a closed source content management system (CMS), and that had limited its ability to freshen up its website design and implement site wide upgrades. Web Publisher PRO was brought in to guide New Jersey Family through the process of moving to the open source WordPress platform, keeping in mind the publication’s unique constraints. We also added a custom online calendar and a custom directory system that included a self-serve payment gateway for local businesses adding free or paid listings.

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