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How Local Publishers Use AI for Content Recommendations

Content recommendations help keep people on your website, even after they’re finished reading the articles they came for. According to data from Parse.ly, content recommendation systems generate a 3.2% uplift in page views. Savvy publishers have been able to get that percentage up even higher by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict what visitors […]

Launch a Local News Podcast

How to Launch a Local News Podcast

Even as daily newspapers struggle, podcasts are thriving. While the format requires little more than a microphone, a server, and some basic audio software, small publishers still have endless questions over how to launch a local news podcast. There’s no doubt that the audience is there. According to Pew Research, 64% of Americans ages 12 […]

Local Publishers Are Using Chatbots

4 Ways Local Publishers Are Using Chatbots

Times are changing, and publishers now have to get creative in the ways they seek out and engage longtime readers. Increasingly, local publishers are using chatbots to foster deeper connections and streamline their behind-the-scenes operations. Although Facebook is the dominant player in the chatbot space—Facebook Messenger already has more than 100,000 bots—other technology companies like […]

turning readers into subscribers

Local Publishing 101: Turning Readers Into Subscribers

As more local publishers take a hard look at the broken online advertising system, subscription monetization strategies are on the rise. But turning readers into subscribers isn’t always as simple as publishers imagine. The problem isn’t finding readers. More people are consuming their news online than ever before. According to venture capitalist Mary Meeker’s recent […]

video content

Local Publishers Go All In On Video Content

Digital media giants like Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Fusion Media Group are scaling back their video content programs as they run into an increasingly crowded marketplace, but local independent publishers aren’t all doing the same. Frustrated by dwindling display advertising rates, some hyperlocal publishers are trying their hands at producing branded video content and publishing live […]

Publishers Generate Revenue

How Do Hyperlocal Publishers Generate Revenue?

If you’re wondering how independent hyperlocal publishers generate revenue, you’re not alone. Local news publishing is hardly considered a lucrative industry. More than half of new local online news websites generate less than $50,000 per year, according to a survey by Michele’s List, a database created with the Tow-Knight Center of Entrepreneurial Journalism. That’s the […]

GDPR and Web Design

The GDPR and Web Design: What Local Publishers Should Know

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect earlier this year, local publishers took notice. The new European Union privacy laws hold small, local publishers to many of the same standards as technology giants like Google and Facebook. But coming into compliance with these new regulations often requires publishers to make changes to […]

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