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how to use directories to boost search traffic

The Definitive Guide to Directory Sponsorships

Digital publishers monetize their directories in all different ways, but no strategy delivers as much bang for the buck as selling directory sponsorships. In order to generate a profit through paid listings and display advertising, digital publishers must successfully sell their services to dozens or hundreds of businesses. With directory sponsorships, that level of widespread […]

job board system

What to Look For in a Job Board System

How well a job board works, and how much revenue a digital publisher can generate from it, is directly tied to the job board system the publisher chooses. Creating and managing an online board job board doesn’t have to be overly complicated or difficult, so long as the system itself is designed to integrate with […]

directory landing pages

3 Steps to Increase the Value of Your Business Directory

Business directories can be lucrative for digital publishers. In addition to generating revenue, a business directory also increases website traffic and user engagement. The majority of publishers are undervaluing their online business directories, failing to leverage what could be a key asset in their digital portfolios. The truth is, a robust business directory is likely […]

community calendar

How to Make Money from a Community Calendar

Community calendars consistently rank as one of the most requested features on digital news websites, but the benefits aren’t exclusively for readers. The savvy digital publisher can generate revenue from a community calendar by charging local businesses to submit their events. Consider the community calendar on a local newspaper or city magazine’s website. You could […]

Niche Job Board

Why Digital Publishers Need Local Job Boards

Help wanted ads in print newspapers feel like a relic of the past, but there’s still money to be made from publishing ads for job opportunities. Digital publishers are finding that by launching local job boards, they can position themselves as authorities in their markets and also generate new streams of sustainable revenue. Niche publishers, […]

generate revenue from online directories

5 Ways to Generate Revenue from Online Directories

For years, business listings and “Best Of” lists have been an undervalued component of most city and regional publishing websites. However, with the right ad sales strategies and self-serve checkout tools in place, digital publishers are now finding that it is possible to generate revenue from online directories in a way that’s both passive and […]

Monetize "Top Doctors" lists

How to Monetize ‘Top Doctors’ Lists

“Top Doctors” lists provide a valuable service to readers of city and regional magazines, helping them research the most qualified health professionals in their communities. But these lists are more than just a resource for patients. Increasingly, publishers are finding smarter ways to monetize “Top Doctors” lists, creating powerful new opportunities for revenue diversification in […]

Newsletter Engagement Strategies for Local Publishers

Newsletter Engagement Strategies for Local Publishers

More than half of Americans check their personal email at least once an hour, even when they’re at work, making email newsletters a valuable tool for publishers looking to get more eyeballs on their stories. The latest newsletter engagement strategies for local publishers are pushing the envelope and driving reader conversions to uncharted levels. Email […]

Local Websites Sell Stock to Readers

When Should Local News Sites Sell Stock to Readers?

Rather than chase investments from outside financiers, a small number of local publishers are turning inward and asking for help from readers in their own communities. But whether local news sites should sell stock to readers is still a hotly debated topic, and as of now, there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits all approach. […]

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