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Local Websites Sell Stock to Readers

How Do Hyperlocal Publishers Generate Revenue?

If you’re wondering how independent hyperlocal publishers generate revenue, you’re not alone. Local news publishing is hardly considered a lucrative industry. More than half of new local online news websites generate less than $50,000 per year, according to a survey by Michele’s List, a database created with the Tow-Knight Center of Entrepreneurial Journalism. That’s the […]

GDPR and Web Design

The GDPR and Web Design: What Local Publishers Should Know

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect earlier this year, local publishers took notice. The new European Union privacy laws hold small, local publishers to many of the same standards as technology giants like Google and Facebook. But coming into compliance with these new regulations often requires publishers to make changes to […]

video content

The Latest Video Trends in Hyperlocal Publishing

The shift toward video is accelerating, as reader demand for video content on hyperlocal websites continues to grow. In order to keep pace, publishers need to get creative about how they adjust their content strategies to account for the latest video trends. Internet video traffic already makes up more than 69% of all global consumer […]

Photographer images

How Top Publishers Use Images to Drive Engagement

One of the first lessons that journalism students receive about newspaper design has to do with the importance of original images. Photographs and illustrations break up large chunks of text and encourage people to keep reading, not just on the pages of print newspapers, but on digital screens, as well. Of course, captivating images do […]

Make Local Publications More Profitable

How to Make Local Publications More Profitable

Display advertising rates are declining, but overall revenues among digital news publishers have never been higher. How could that be? The answer is diversification. In order to make local publications more profitable, publishers are blazing new paths and adopting new income generation strategies that bolster the bottom line. That means acknowledging the shift in display […]

Decreasing Bounce Rates

Web Design Strategies to Decrease Bounce Rates

Getting people to a local news website is the easy part. Once visitors arrive, it’s up to the publisher to keep them engaged enough to stick around for more. A bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who navigate away from a website after viewing a single page. For a local news publisher, that […]

Launch a Local News Podcast

Should Local Publishers Create Podcasts?

First came the articles and the photographs. Then came the videos. Now, more local publishers are being expected to develop their own podcasts as a way to stay relevant in the evolving digital news industry. Is it really necessary for local publishers to create podcasts, or are they just a passing fad? To answer that […]

Digital Publishing Industry

How Local Publishers Use Live Events to Drive Profitability

As local publishers look for new ways to squeeze every last drop of revenue from their publications, live events are becoming a more attractive option. Most local publishers already have deep ties within the communities they cover, not just with readers, but with small business advertisers and elected officials, as well. Given those relationships, publishers […]

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