New Jersey Family

Project Goals

New Jersey Family has become an important resource for active families throughout the New Jersey region, but in the years since its launch, the publication’s website had grown stale. Because New Jersey Family was using a closed source content management system (CMS), the publication was limited in its ability to freshen up its website design and implement sitewide upgrades. Rather than sinking more money into a closed CMS that had grown stagnant, New Jersey Family’s publisher decided to take the leap and move to an open source WordPress solution.

Given their past challenges using a closed CMS, and the unique constraints that come with running a successful online publication, NJ Family wanted to partner with a web design provider that had experience working with digital publishers. Website speed, security, and flexibility were all important to NJ Family, as the publisher’s previous CMS didn’t implement upgrades and releases that are considered modern best practices.

New Jersey Family’s website redesign project would need to involve more than just aesthetics. The publisher also desired a custom online calendar and a custom directory system that would include a self-serve payment gateway for local businesses adding free or paid listings.

Project Solutions

Understanding New Jersey Family’s strong interest in switching from a closed source to an open source CMS, we converted all of the publisher’s data from Rivista to WordPress. This allowed us to get to work custom building their website, and it also ensures that NJ Family’s editorial team can customize and control their data moving forward.

Redesigning New Jersey Family’s website meant working closely with the publication’s art director to rethink every pixel. Brighter colors and a custom layout helped freshen up the website and bring it more in line with NJ Family’s growing brand. Along with the website redesign came a completely reimagined calendar, which we custom built in WordPress based on the publisher’s specifications.

Knowing that the website primarily serves mobile users—parents on-the-go—we needed to create an experience that would quickly deliver information about events, doctors, and schools to visitors on smartphones and iPads. Every part of NJ Family’s website design was conceptualized with a mobile-first mindset, without taking anything away from the desktop experience. NJ Family’s new design also gives the publisher more room for interesting ad placements, and it is bringing in more search engine traffic, thanks to a cleaner and more SEO-friendly URL structure.


Angel Madison

Managing Editor

“Between our art director and Web Publisher PRO’s designer, we really created a site that is visually attractive. And it works so well. It looks great and professional, and it is more in line with how we are growing our brand. It helps us compete with some other publications in our area. We were able to take our awesome content and give it a whole new feel.”


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