Shareable - Case Study

Project Goals

As an award-winning nonprofit news organization, Shareable is supported by donations from loyal readers. That means the publication relies on being able to communicate its core mission for financial sustainability. We were tasked with designing Shareable’s new website in a way that would alert visitors to the publication’s principles and quickly convert readers into donors. Shareable’s leadership was also looking to increase reader engagement and create channels for people to participate in the editorial process.

After more than a decade of telling the stories of sharers to millions of people all over the world, Shareable’s website had grown large and unwieldy, making it difficult for the small nonprofit to manage in-house. From a website design and development perspective, that meant that we needed to come up with innovative solutions that would provide the greatest level of flexibility and room for experimentation on internal ad placement, linking related content, and shared events calendars.

Behind-the-scenes, Shareable’s team wanted to make the website easier for its staff to use and less expensive to maintain. Given the website’s role as a connection hub for sharing information, we needed to add tools to make it easier for visitors to find useful information and related stories. Shareable’s team also wanted full integration with the platforms they use for email newsletters, social media, and online fundraising.

Project Solutions

Based on Shareable’s goals, it was clear that transitioning from Drupal to WordPress would be necessary. Thousands of news stories, how-to articles, and other reader resources were migrated to the publisher’s new WordPress website.

With that migration underway, we dove head first into the design. After reviewing other publisher websites and gathering inspiration for how to engage readers in editorial decisions, Shareable’s leadership collaborated with our team on a wish list of new features. A large “Donate” button was positioned to optimize conversions, and a form for collecting email addresses for the publisher’s newsletter was placed prominently on the homepage.

Beyond the basic design elements, we took on SEO and implemented a responsive design to make the website more accessible to visitors on mobile devices. We also developed an improved events calendar that website visitors can now use to submit listings on their own.


Joslyn Beile

Operations Director

“Shareable’s old website was becoming too large and difficult to manage with our finite resources as a small nonprofit. We needed the modernization and flexibility that comes along with using WordPress so that we could experiment with things like internal ad placement, linking related content, an improved events calendar, and having SEO optimization built into every page.”


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