Project Goals

Freedom. That’s what the team at TRNTO was looking for when they embarked on a redesign of their existing website. TRNTO’s website had been built using a CMS designed specifically for online news publishers. The idea sounded good in theory, but the industry-specific CMS ultimately proved to be very rigid and the back-end technology quickly became outdated. That’s when TRNTO’s publisher decided it was time to make the change to WordPress.

After years of feeling boxed in with a CMS that had limited flexibility, TRNTO’s editors were eager to take advantage of the freedom that WordPress provides. With a WordPress website, they would be able to flex their creative muscles and put together the types of engaging online content packages that drive reader engagement.

Project Solutions

The editorial team at TRNTO already understood the value that WordPress’ CMS provides, in terms of flexibility and freedom, so getting them on board was easy. As with most established digital publishers, TRNTO had some unique needs and website features that required the use of third-party plugins. With the WordPress CMS, it’s easier now for TRNTO’s editors to upload and publish different types of content. They also have more range and freedom in design, so special editorial features can be highlighted and promoted in a way that ensures they stand out and increase pages per session.

Running on WordPress has opened up the door for more interactive directories, which TRNTO’s publisher uses to highlight private schools, camps, and area restaurants. TRNTO now sells sponsored listings in its directories and hosts interactive voting games to encourage user engagement.


Andrew Mannsbach

Associate Publisher

“We do a lot of business with private schools and camps, but with our old system we were unbelievably limited in what we could do with our online directories. Working with Web Publisher PRO, we have the ability to get more creative and to have new features put into our website and directories. We also have a direct point of contact with the person making those changes. It’s a really nice arrangement.”


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