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Good Morning Wilton

The Project

Goals: “Wilton, CT is a great place to live.” That’s the motto for Good Morning Wilton, a daily news website that highlights the best parts of living in this small town in Southwest Connecticut. When the founder of Good Morning Wilton decided it was time for a website refresh, she came to Web Publisher PRO.

Mobile responsiveness was just one of the upgrades that Good Morning Wilton Founder and Editor Heather Borden Hervé was looking for. The Good Morning Wilton website used an outdated WordPress theme that required a plugin to generate a mobile version. The plugin helped smartphone users get on the website, but it also limited the user experience, which meant the outdated WordPress theme had to go.

Good Morning Wilton was also looking to convert its ad server from OIO to Broadstreet, with the goal of moving from a self-hosted to a hosted solution.

Finally, with the understanding that more than half of web traffic now comes from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, Good Morning Wilton was searching for a way to deliver more content to users, with a better content flow and more intuitive website organization.

Solutions: How do you meet so many demands on a limited timeframe? We started by implementing a customized WordPress theme for Good Morning Wilton, which delivered an easy-to-manage, modern, and responsive website. Working closely with the Good Morning Wilton editorial team, we were able to organize the publication’s home page content so that readers can easily find the latest articles and navigate the archives.

Good Morning Wilton’s website was migrated to Broadstreet, which makes it possible for the publisher to offer the entire Broadstreet ad format library, along with advanced tracking metrics, to local advertisers. Migrating to Broadstreet also resulted in more efficient ad placement and better mobile optimized ads, which increases overall impressions.

3 Favorite Features

MEGA MENU Good Morning Wilton’s new Mega Menu expands to allow visitors to preview the latest content from each website section before they click. This is an innovative feature that makes it possible for readers to discover new content faster, without having to wait for each article page to load.

EVENTS CALENDAR Part of Good Morning Wilton’s mission is to help citizens discover local events that they can take part in, which made the addition of an Upcoming Events Calendar a no-brainer. Web Publisher PRO added a calendar that allows for community submitted events. Events calendars are known to drive a lot of traffic for local publishers, and the team at Good Morning Wilton expects this new calendar to increase the number of monthly active users.

RELATED POSTS Using an algorithm, Web Publisher PRO has been able to help readers discover more of the type of content they’re interested in. Placing a Related Posts section on each article page will keep visitors on the Good Morning Wilton website for longer and decrease bounce rates. A Related Posts section should also help Good Morning Wilton hold onto visitors who arrive at the website through social media channels.

Client Testimonial

It’s very reassuring working with Web Publisher PRO. They know our hyperlocal news website business and industry well, and they know the resources to help improve how we run our business. Plus, they work fast and efficiently and collaborate effectively. It’s good to know we have the go-to people we can rely on.

Heather Borden Hervé
Founder & Editor, www.goodmorningwilton.com

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Before & After

OUTDATED TECHNOLOGY LIMITS INNOVATION. Good Morning Wilton’s previous website was not mobile responsive, and a mobile theme provided by the Jetpack plugin was dampening the user experience. With a revamped website, the Good Morning Wilton editorial team has been able to unleash its creativity. Pictures are larger, content is more readable and easier to navigate, and better mobile ad placements are boosting impressions. We were able to carry the Mega Menu over, as well, which means mobile users can now navigate content faster by previewing content from each section without waiting for pages to load.

The Design Process

COLLABORATION LEADS TO GREAT DESIGN. At Web Publisher PRO, we understand that the best designs come out of a collaborative process. Good Morning Wilton’s publisher selected several premium news themes, and then consulted with our team of local publishing experts on the pros and cons of each option. The final result is the perfect melding of the publisher’s vision, combined with our team’s recommendations for optimizing the user experience through website design.

The Tech Process

FUTURE PROOFING IS A CONCEPT WE TAKE SERIOUSLY. Good Morning Wilton’s website was coded using a child theme and a very limited number of plugins. This allows the website to be easily maintained by the publisher’s staff. It also minimizes the need for extensive updates as technology evolves in the coming years. Good Morning Wilton’s website is set up to be easily expandable, so new modern features, ad zones, and revenue generating sources can easily be added in the future.

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