Customer Service

How Customer Service Impacts Subscriber Retention

As digital publishers generate more revenue from reader subscriptions, the need for high-quality customer service has grown. A new report from American Press Institute finds that the customer support agents are often the only direct point of contact for a publication’s readers, so those interactions between service agents and subscribers play a huge role in…

Creative Subscription Strategies

Digital Publishing Best Practices for Audience Engagement

Your audience is interested in the content you’re publishing, otherwise they wouldn’t have clicked onto your website. The best way to keep those readers sticking around for longer is to engage them, and that’s where these best practices for audience engagement come into play. Just by considering audience engagement, you’re already one step ahead of…

Editorial Calendar

15 Ways to Fill Your Editorial Calendar with New Content Ideas

Constantly searching for new content ideas can be overwhelming. We’ve spoken to the experts and gotten their best strategies for finding valuable, SEO-worthy story ideas to fill your editorial calendar. Do you use an editorial calendar or a publishing schedule to plan out your content? It’s an incredibly effective way to manage ideas, plan upcoming…

Promote an Online Magazine

How to Promote an Online Magazine

Discover how to promote an online magazine, and find out the resources required to get the results you want. Online magazines are different from print magazines in a lot of ways, and we’re not just talking about how they’re produced. Digital publishers have unique considerations when it comes to promoting their businesses. Many of the…



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Subscription Success

Are Younger Readers the Secret to Subscription Success?

Traditional newspapers have long been known for having older audiences, but new research is showing that younger readers might actually be the secret to long-term subscription success. In a recent survey published by the World Association of News Publishers, 23.4% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 said they are “ready to pay”…

Social Media Video

Building Community with Social Media Video

How can you grow your audience with social media video? Start by deciding who you want to reach and how you want them to find your content. Then ask what you need to do to keep those viewers returning for more. Social media audiences have all the options. People can choose for themselves what they…

Drive More Traffic to Breaking News

How to Drive More Traffic to Breaking News Stories

Web Publisher PRO’s guide for publishers wanting to drive more traffic to breaking news stories Digital publishers are at the forefront of local news coverage, but supporting this type of resource-heavy journalism requires significant revenue and a dedicated readership. While SEO is widely viewed as the main driver of overall website traffic, breaking news is…

Creative Subscription Strategies

How to Define Reader Engagement — A Guide for Publishers

Track, analyze, and encourage reader engagement The newest generation of digital publishers is defining reader engagement in a totally different way than their predecessors. These days, engagement is being defined as active involvement or participation. Engaged readers aren’t just clicking randomly from page to page. They’re actually reading the content that publishers put out, and…

loyal readers

Loyal Readers Consume the Most Content — Why That Matters

When you generate story ideas and publish content on your website, who are you writing for? If you’re trying to attract readers from social media or win the battle for search engine dominance, you might be taking the wrong approach. According to a new study, loyal readers consume a whopping 5x more content than non-loyal…

Ask Readers to Share Your Content

How to Ask Readers to Share Your Content

Learn the best ways to ask readers to share your content. Digital publishers need a steady stream of new readers to survive. Mastering reader acquisition is key to the growth of any digital publication. We’ve covered how to use social media marketing and email newsletters to grow your audience, but the biggest referral source is…