Personalize Content

How to Personalize Content to Increase Conversions

Who are you writing for? Whether you’re writing for first-time website visitors, longtime subscribers, or the Google algorithm, you’ll find that there are ways to personalize content to increase conversions. We’re all guilty of occasionally adjusting website copy based on the latest changes to the Google algorithm. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO),…

SEO Tips

SEO Tips Every Magazine Publisher Should Know

Whether you want to brush up on your keyword research or dig into more advanced search concepts, these are the SEO tips you’ll want to know as a magazine publisher. Search traffic is something online magazine publishers can’t afford to ignore. While word-of-mouth marketing and social media will always have their place in the world…



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Content Products for Publishers

3 New Content Products for Publishers to Try

If you’re looking to innovate and generate more revenue in 2020, these are the content products to try. After months of focusing on non-stop pandemic coverage, the publishing industry is ready to innovate. According to a survey by BRAND United and Publishing Executive, the pandemic has sparked digital product innovation. Digital publishers are working to…