SEO Strategy for Digital Publishers

Do Digital Publishers Need an SEO Strategy?

Having an SEO strategy is essential for all digital publishers, regardless of publication size or niche. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the key to bringing more readers to your website, whether they’re coming for the latest news or for your evergreen content. The goal with any SEO strategy is to improve click-through rates…

SEO for Local News Publishers

SEO for Local News Publishers – A Beginner’s Guide

For local news publishers, there are numerous ways to grow an audience. The majority of readers still use Google to research local news stories, and the websites they discover will often get bookmarked for easy referencing in the future. This begs the question: “What is the best way for local news publishers to make sure…

Evergreen content strategy

How to Create an Evergreen Content Strategy

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant and fresh, long after it was first published. While content mills have been churning out articles designed to maximize SEO for years, news publishers are late to the game, and many publishers are just now beginning to understand the importance of having an evergreen content strategy. Just as…

Tips for SEO in 2022

How to Use the Yoast Plugin: A Guide for Publishers

Digital publishers have unique challenges when it comes to search engine optimization. The one-and-done approach to SEO doesn’t work when publishers are posting multiple articles or blog posts each day. In these cases, the Yoast plugin is a useful tool for webpage optimization. While the Yoast plugin is often described as effortless, that description isn’t…



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Outrank a More Popular Website

Top SEO Plugins for News Publishers

Start using the best SEO plugins for news publishers to increase your website traffic. As more publishers switch their websites over to WordPress, there is greater interest in learning how plugins can extend the functionality of news websites. Plugins, which are pieces of software with groups of functions that can be added to WordPress websites,…

Keyword Research for News Publishers

Local SEO Tips for Directory Publishers

Are you looking for new ways to increase your visibility in local search results? Then let’s talk about local SEO tips for directory publishers. Local SEO is all about optimizing websites to rank better for local audiences. This is true for any digital publisher, but particular those with directory websites. Why is that, you ask?…

Social Media Branding

Local Publishers Reduce Dependency on Facebook For Traffic — Here’s How

As controversies surrounding Facebook’s willingness to help publishers with traffic and referrals continues to swirl, a growing number of independent publishers are looking outside of Facebook for traffic, effectively reducing their dependency on the social media giant. Just look at Slate. The online magazine has seen an 87% drop in Facebook traffic since 2017. Part…

Launching a local news site

Guidelines for Content Aggregation

Most digital publishers aggregate news content to a certain degree, but the practice has gotten a bad rap in recent years because of some egregious instances of theft and plagiarism. When content aggregation is done right, following recognized guidelines and protocols, the practice actually adds value to publishing brands. At its core, content aggregation is…