Google Alerts Alternatives

Top Alternatives to Google Alerts for Digital Publishers

When Google Alerts stopped working for multiple days earlier this month, many digital publishers were caught off guard. Magazine publishers have come to rely on Google’s free service for monitoring mentions of their publications and keeping tabs on other relevant topics. However, with Google Alerts outages becoming more frequent in 2021, it’s never a bad…

Building an Online Magazine

The 5 Best Resources for Building an Online Magazine

Building an online magazine from scratch requires editorial acumen, business savviness, and a lot of technical skills. Think you have what it takes? Check out these five authoritative posts from Web Publisher PRO to get a better idea of what’s involved. Right now is arguably the best time in history to become a digital publisher….

Tools to Grow Your Publishing Business

Try These 5 Apps to Grow Your Publishing Business

If you want to grow your publishing business, achieve new milestones, and hit all your revenue targets in 2021, try these five new apps. What are the most important parts of your tech stack? If you’re not sure of the answer, you might not be using the right technology. Cloud-based apps and platforms are one…

Aspiring Local News Publishers

7 Resources for Aspiring Local News Publishers

The need for high-quality local journalism has never been greater, and yet the obstacles to launching a hyperlocal media website are still daunting for aspiring local news publishers. Hundreds of hyperlocal news websites currently operate in the U.S. and Canada, and every one of those publications faced certain challenges and struggles in the beginning. How…



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Membership Management Platforms

5 Best and Most Popular Membership Management Platforms in 2021

As the number of digital publishers with subscription programs has grown, so has the level of interest in membership management platforms. If you’ve recently launched a subscription offering or membership program at your publication, you might be wondering which membership management platform is the best and which one you should choose. Membership management platforms help…

Live Streaming Apps

The Best Live Streaming Apps for News Publishers

If you’re anything like most digital news publishers, you’re always on the hunt for tools to make your workday better. These are the best live streaming apps for news publishers. Local news sites don’t always have the largest budgets or the largest staffs. What they do have is feet on the ground in the communities…

CRM systems for online publishers

The Best CRM Systems for Online Publishers

Global brands use customer relationship management (CRM) systems. So do small and midsize businesses. Do online publishers need CRM systems, too? Absolutely. As the number of CRM systems on the market continues to grow, technology companies are developing more industry-specific solutions. It isn’t uncommon to see CRM systems designed specifically for restaurants or retailers. Now…