AP DataKit for Local Publishers

What Is AP DataKit?

If you’re a local news publisher, you’ve most likely heard about the new AP DataKit. The free, open source command-line tool was released earlier this month. Despite AP DataKit being made specifically for newsrooms and journalists, many publishers of local news sites and online magazines are still unsure about how take full advantage of this…



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Fact-Checking Tools for News Publishers

The Best Fact-Checking Tools for News Publishers

We’ve rounded up the best fact-checking tools for news publishers Americans see fake news as a bigger problem than violent crime or climate change, according to surveys by Pew Research Center. For digital news publishers, even small errors can lead to distrust among readers and a reputation as an unreliable media outlet. Lacking the budgets…


Use Content Analytics to Find Story Ideas

Content analytics and digital publishing go hand-in-hand. While old school journalists pounded the pavement looking for new story ideas, digital journalists are turning to content analytics platforms to stay on top of trends and topics that are important to their readers. Companies like Parse.ly, which provides audience data and analytics for digital media, are changing…


More Local Newsrooms Are Launching Collaborative Journalism Projects – Here’s Why

Local publishers are using collaborative journalism projects to build their profiles without draining their resources. If you’re a publisher with a restricted budget, then hiring a team of professional journalists to conduct months of research into a single topic may not be in the cards. Through collaborative journalism projects, independent news websites can band together…