Ad Viewability

5 Essentials for Every Digital Publisher

Profitability doesn’t happen by chance. To build a sustainable online business and grow as a digital publisher, you’ll want to incorporate these five essential elements. The digital publishing industry has been around long enough that the basic rules and norms are well-established. Most local news websites are run on the WordPress platform, and the vast…

B2B publishing trends

B2B Publishing Trends in 2021 and Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever altered the way business-to-business magazines operate. The face of business has changed, and that’s had a direct impact on the B2B publishing trends we’re seeing today. Business executives had to adjust to working from home during the pandemic, and that led to a sharp uptick in pageviews and engagement for…

Spotify’s Partnership with WordPress

What Spotify’s Partnership with WordPress Means for Publishers

A new announcement from Spotify has gotten the digital news industry buzzing. The company confirmed this morning that it’s partnering with WordPress and launching a tool that content creators, including bloggers and independent news publishers, can use to automatically publish written content as podcasts. Spotify’s partnership with WordPress opens up the door to podcasting for…

Niche Publications

Why Niche Publications Are the Future of Digital Media

Having in-depth knowledge of a particular topic puts you at an advantage in any industry. The digital media industry is no exception. Recent trends show that niche publications are set to surpass general interest outlets, with readers showing strong preference for publications that focus directly on a few pertinent topics. The idea behind building growth…



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Merchandise On-Demand

6 Platforms Digital Publishers Can Use to Sell Merchandise On-Demand

As consumers grow more comfortable purchasing gifts and other products online, digital publishers are asking how they can get in on the e-commerce action. Being able to sell merchandise on-demand can be a lucrative source of recurring revenue, particularly for those publishers with dedicated subscribers. From t-shirts and book bags, to stickers, water bottles, notepads,…

Health and Wellness Content

Is Health and Wellness Content the Next Big Trend in Publishing?

When Dennis Publishing’s The Week Junior announced it was launching a new wellbeing section this month, the children’s magazine became the latest in a string of publications to increase coverage of health and wellness trends. What’s behind the push, and what might the growing interest in wellness content mean for digital publishers in 2021? While…

Earn From Email Newsletters

Should Local Publishers Create Paid Newsletters?

The recent decision by Forbes to launch its own paid newsletters platform has been seen by many in the publishing industry as a signal that change is on the horizon. But Forbes isn’t the only major media company to go this route. A handful of legacy media outlets have launched paid newsletter platforms over the…

voice search strategy

Does Your Publication Need a Voice Search Strategy?

Voice search was poised to become the next big thing in 2020. Then the pandemic happened. As we look into 2021, publishers are once again asking whether they need a voice search strategy. For businesses that sell physical goods and services, the value of voice search is clear. Millions of voice-activated devices are now sitting…

Key Trends in Publishing

Podcasting, Privacy, and Other Key Trends Impacting Publishers in 2020

These are the key trends impacting digital publishers in 2020 — and beyond What a year it’s been. After experiencing a tumultuous winter and a record-setting spring and summer, when traffic figures at many digital news outlets went through the roof, a new normal has begun to set in. Publishers right now are setting up…

Publishers Confident About 2021

Digital Publishers Are Confident About 2021. Here’s Why

The drop in revenue that some publishers saw last spring was somewhat inevitable, as waves of Covid-19 cases led to economic uncertainty around the world. But as we finish out 2020, publishers say they are feeling confident about 2021. There’s good reason for that optimism. Subscription revenue for digital publishers grew strongly in the second…