Online magazine mobile app

Should Your Online Magazine Launch a Mobile App?

How to decide whether your online magazine should develop a custom mobile app The percentage of publishers with standalone mobile apps is tiny, but with the potential for significant upside—an opportunity to generate additional revenue and grow existing subscription programs—more magazine publishers are launching their own mobile apps. Global mobile app revenues topped $365 billion…

Progressive Web Apps

Should Publishers Use Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

When it comes to web publishing, the goalposts are always moving. As Google works to speed up the mobile web, the company has launched a series of new products and initiatives. The latest of these initiatives is a framework for web publishers that is known as Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs. Progressive Web Apps are…


Push Notifications in Digital Publishing – Best Practices

As digital publishers search for new ways to bring loyal readers back to their websites more frequently, push notifications are emerging as a growing trend. For digital publishers with their own mobile apps, push notifications can be a valuable marketing tool. Research shows that among news publishers with mobile apps, the use of push notifications…

Mobile Revenue Strategies

The Latest Mobile Revenue Strategies for Publishers

Smartphone usage continues to grow among consumers of local news. According to the latest Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 66% of Americans now use mobile devices to access the news, and people are spending more time on mobile than watching television. In response to this changing tide, local…



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Make Publishing Pay

When Is It Time For a Website Redesign?

Nothing lasts forever. Even the freshest website design will eventually get stale, which is why a digital publisher can expect to undertake a website redesign project at least once every three to seven years. Why such a large range? For starters, publishers who cut corners on the design of their websites will usually need to…

mobile first design for publishers

Mobile Optimization Strategies for Local Publishers

More people access the Internet from mobile devices than desktop, and that’s not just counting millennials or members of Generation Z. More than four-in-ten seniors now use smartphones, as well, and yet the user experience on websites accessed from mobile devices is still lacking in many cases. Mobile optimization hasn’t been fully integrated into the…