Social Media Video

Video Editing Tools for Digital Journalists

The top video editing tools for digital journalists You’ve probably heard how important video content is for digital publications. Without video, your website can start to feel stale. That’s because readers are demanding more video content from their favorite publications. Advertisers are gravitating towards video, as well, spending large portions of their budgets on native…

Digital Fact-Checking Tools

How to Use Digital Fact-Checking Tools

Publishers are tackling misinformation head on by encouraging their reporters and editors to use digital fact-checking tools. Here’s what you need to know. Digital journalists are working overtime to avoid having their articles branded as “fake news.” In its new survey on the State of Technology in Global Newsrooms, the International Center for Journalists found…

Image Search Engines for Digital Newsrooms

Top 5 Image Search Engines for Digital Newsrooms

Identifying fake images is getting harder. Because doctored photos can be nearly impossible to spot with the human eye, more journalists are relying on image search engines for digital newsrooms to recognize fake content before accidentally re-publishing false information. If you are looking for a streamlined way to verify photos and find out where images…

User Experience Upgrades for Magazine Publishers

The Best User Experience Upgrades for Magazine Publishers

Poor web design choices make it harder for readers to engage with online content. That’s why we put together this guide with the best user experience upgrades for magazine publishers. Content will always be king in the publishing world, but the way that content is displayed online plays a big role in how visitors will…



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When Should Publishers Use WordPress Plugins?

Millions of online publishers run their websites on the WordPress platform. The vast majority of those websites include one or more plugins. If you’re the publisher of an online magazine or a niche blog, and you’ve been contemplating upgrading your website to add new features or enhanced customization, now is the time to start researching…

WordPress Plugins For Travel Publishers

The Best WordPress Plugins For Travel Publishers

We have put together a guide to the best WordPress plugins for travel publishers and online destination magazines. Are you interested in improving the look and functionality of your travel website? If you’re the publisher of a destination magazine, now is the time to start improving your digital footprint. As you know, having a modern…

Holiday Marketing Strategies for Magazine Publishers

Holiday Marketing Strategies for Magazine Publishers

Want to sell more subscriptions before the New Year? Try out these holiday marketing strategies for magazine publishers. With less than a month to go until Christmas, the holiday season is fully upon us. Retailers are working overtime trying to capitalize on the holiday momentum, running nonstop advertising and marketing campaigns that are designed to…

marketing for online magazines

The Best Strategies Online Magazines Can Steal from Marketers

Global retail brands spend millions of dollars on marketing each year. Online magazines looking to optimize their revenue streams should take a look at the strategies big marketers are pioneering and find ways to adapt those strategies for their own use. Nike, Verizon, and Kellogg are just three examples of global brands with super-sized marketing…

Choosing CMS as a magazine publisher

How to Choose a CMS as a Magazine Publisher

Choosing the best CMS as a magazine publisher means looking under the hood and evaluating how the features offered by various platforms align with your own needs. It also means considering how difficult it might be to migrate from your existing CMS to the new system you choose. Content management systems serve as the backbone…

Sell Online Magazine Subscriptions

How to Sell More Online Magazine Subscriptions

The latest strategies for selling online magazine subscriptions It’s easier to sell online magazine subscriptions today than any time in history. Despite declines in the readership of print magazines, digital publishers are seeing a surge of interest. Just as people are ditching cable for streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, they’re also trading in print…