Twitter Blue for Publishers

Everything Publishers Should Know About Twitter Blue Subscription Service

Twitter Blue has arrived, and digital publishers have some questions. The premium subscription service officially launched this month, giving subscribers access to ad-free articles and fast-loading content from more than 300 online publications in the United States. With so many questions, rumors, and concerns swirling among the digital publishing community, we thought we would take…

Facebook Verification Guidelines

Facebook’s New Verification Guidelines For News Publishers

Having a verified account can increase your authority on social media. Digital news publishers looking to get their accounts verified should consider these new verification guidelines from Facebook and Instagram. The verification process for Facebook and Instagram has always been shrouded in secrecy. However, the process got even more confusing when Facebook and Instagram introduced…

Twitter Blue for Publishers

How to Make Money on Twitter: Digital Publisher’s Guide [2021]

Twitter recently announced a new way for digital publishers to monetize their followers. The social platform’s subscription-based system is just one of many ways to make money on Twitter in 2021. If you’ve wondered how to make money on Twitter, you’re not alone. The next step once you’ve set up a business account and established…

Social Media Tools

The Best Social Media Tools, Templates & Calendars to Plan Your Content

What does every big project need? A plan. While there are certainly times to improvise, social media strategy shouldn’t be left up to chance. Try these social media tools and templates as you plan your approach. Most digital publishers in 2021 recognize the important role that social media plays in editorial marketing and reader engagement….



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Instagram Content Strategies

4 Types of Instagram Content Strategies for Publishers

Big changes in the way Instagram prioritizes content in users’ feeds are forcing digital publishers to rethink their Instagram content strategies. Updates to Instagram’s algorithm mean users today are more likely to see longer videos from brands and media companies than short clips posted by their friends. The move is reportedly part of a larger…

Social Media Branding

The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Social Media Branding

Social media branding is all about boosting awareness. As a digital publisher, you want people to be aware that your website exists. With the right strategies on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can bring more visitors into your sales funnel and convert more readers into subscribers. There isn’t a publisher out there…

Facebook’s Traffic to Publishers

Why Does Facebook’s Traffic to Publishers Keep Dropping?

New data shows that Facebook’s traffic to publishers has dropped precipitously in the past few weeks. Now people are asking why. Digital media outlets have begun reporting sizable drops in traffic coming from Facebook in May and June. When the content analytics and intelligence platform Chartbeat analyzed network traffic from sites, it found a downward…

Instagram Advertising

The Digital Publisher’s Guide to Instagram Advertising

More than 1 billion people use Instagram each month, making it one of the most important social networking platforms out there in 2021. Despite its massive size, though, most digital publishers don’t know much about how Instagram advertising could help their businesses. Instagram has been popular with brand advertisers for years, but it only recently…

Facebook’s News Feed

How to Rank Better in Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook recently announced plans to shake up its News Feed to give users more of what they want. While that’s generally good news for consumers, any changes in Facebook’s News Feed could have major implications for digital publishers. Facebook has become one of the most important drivers of traffic for local news publishers and online…

Social Media in 2021

How Publishers of All Sizes Can Embrace Social Media in 2021

It’s time to pivot your strategy and embrace social media in 2021. Digital publishers were among the first to embrace social media, but in 2021, nearly every publication has gotten on board. Across social media platforms, and particularly Twitter, both digital and print publishers have gone all in on their social media strategies. Publications like…