Twitter’s Subscription Payments

How Twitter’s Subscription Payments Could Benefit Publishers

You may have heard that Twitter is considering adding subscription capabilities to its platform. If the social media company starts allowing users to receive subscription payments from their followers, some digital publishers could be in for a windfall. If you’ve ever solicited contributions from your readers through Patreon, then Twitter’s new subscription payments capabilities might…



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Revenue Diversification

Why Revenue Diversification is Vital in 2020

Have you heard people say revenue diversification has never been more important? They’re correct. Digital publishers can’t afford to rely on any single stream of revenue. At least not now. It’s not that there is a problem with any particular revenue strategy, per se. Plenty of digital news and magazine publishers are still bringing in…

Membership Programs

How Membership Programs Succeed — 5 Takeaways from The Membership Puzzle Project’s Newest Guide

In order for the membership model to work, digital publishers have to be selling more than just a product or a cause. Publishers need to be offering transparency and meaningful opportunities to actually contribute if they want their membership programs to succeed. That’s just one of the many lessons laid out in The Membership Guide,…