Launch a Paywall

When Should You Launch a Paywall? A Detailed Guide

Is it ever too soon for a digital publication to launch a paywall? Absolutely. If you’re having a hard time deciding when to start charging for access to your website, you’re not alone. Anytime a new publication launches, the first priority should be developing strong, high-quality content. Without a solid content strategy in place, your…

Twitter Blue for Publishers

How Twitter’s Subscription Payments Could Benefit Publishers

You may have heard that Twitter is considering adding subscription capabilities to its platform. If the social media company starts allowing users to receive subscription payments from their followers, some digital publishers could be in for a windfall. If you’ve ever solicited contributions from your readers through Patreon, then Twitter’s new subscription payments capabilities might…

Building an Online Magazine

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Magazine Subscription Sales

Virtually everything about our lives has been upended by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the way we consume digital media. Online publishers have seen some unexpected changes, and they’re adjusting their magazine subscription sales tactics as a result. When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit one year ago, nobody knew what to expect. People across the globe…

Paywall Software

The Best Paywall Software for Magazine Publishers

Everything you need to know about the best paywall software designed for magazine publishers Subscription sales went through the roof in 2020. Within the digital news and media category, subscriptions rose an incredible 110% during the first half of the year. But even in the best of times, managing a successful subscription program takes a…



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Philanthropic Model

The Philanthropic Model for Local News Publishers

You’ve heard of the membership model, the advertising model, and the subscription model for local news publishing, but what do you know about the philanthropic model? Within the world of digital media, the philanthropic model is one that’s still emerging. As we move into 2021, this is something you might be hearing a lot more…

Bundled Subscriptions

Are Bundled Subscriptions the Right Approach for Digital Publishers?

Do bundled subscriptions dilute a publisher’s brand, or do they help publishers reach larger audiences and drive profitability? If you’re wondering whether bundled subscriptions are the right approach for your site, we’ve got the answer. The concept of a bundled subscription varies depending on who you ask and how you frame the question. The most…

Subscribers Feel Like VIPs

How to Make Subscribers Feel Like VIPs

The best way to reduce churn is to make your subscribers feel like VIPs. Whether you’re looking at a churn rate of 1% or 10%, there’s always room for improvement. Subscribers who leave after a short period of time are a drain on a publication’s resources. It costs so much more to convert a new…

Revenue Diversification

Why Revenue Diversification is Vital in 2020

Have you heard people say revenue diversification has never been more important? They’re correct. Digital publishers can’t afford to rely on any single stream of revenue. At least not now. It’s not that there is a problem with any particular revenue strategy, per se. Plenty of digital news and magazine publishers are still bringing in…

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The Latest Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Publishers

Learn how to generate a passive income with the latest affiliate marketing strategies, designed specifically for the digital publishing community. Who doesn’t want to generate income while they sleep? That’s the main idea behind passive income, and it’s one of the major reasons why publishers are investing so heavily in affiliate marketing in 2020. For…